01 Jun 2020
Peru Nolaskoain offered an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña. The midfielder talked of the training sessions, the situation of Depor at the standings and even of his future.

Q: Bóveda, Mujaid, Çolak, Valín and Juan Rodríguez have faced physical problems. Normal?
A: It’s true that, at this point, it’s normal for people to take over, but I think that the issue of injuries should be controlled a little more. This is not the time for people to get injured because we are going to play many games in a few days and the important thing is to get well.

How are you doing during this mini pre-season?
A: Personally, it’s turning to be very hard, much more than a normal pre-season, because in a pre-season you come aware that it’s a new campaign, and this is all to see. Now there are eleven games left, the truth is that the training sessions are hard, and we have few hours to rest because we are doing many double sessions.

Q: Now is there not so much fear of catching the virus as when you returned to Abegondo?
A: I don't know if fear is the right word, but zero risk doesn’t exist, and less with us, football is ultimately contact. I think we are a bit exposed, but hopefully things will improve, both in football and throughout the country, which is essential, because football is secondary right now. We have to work and execute the orders that send us, security, hand washing, training and home, and waiting for instructions.

Q: Are you getting used to the idea of what it will be to compete without public at the stands?
A: It's a little weird. They are like training sessions that are worth points. It’s a novelty for everyone and there isn’t any team starting with an advantage in that regard.

Q: But Deportivo, for its stadium and its fans, will be the big loser.
A: It’s clear that Riazor is a fortress for us now, that we have spent six games without losing. We will miss that, but we will try that our strength is enough to get the games ahead.

Q: Richard Barral has the hunch that Depor will make a great final.
A: I have a lot of appreciation for Richard. I consider him my friend. I have a good relationship with him in a short time and, whatever he says, I trust him. There is very good squad, very good environment at the changing room. We will try to train hard and add the three points in every game.

Q: Is it key to win the first game to get out of there for what could happen?
A: Yes. Now there are no bad weeks, now there are bad days, because a bad week of three lost games practically sends you down. We have to be aware of this and know the importance of each game.

Q: There’s a debate on whether or not Depor is currently in demotion, do you think it would be good for La Liga to announce how it would solve the season if the eleven pending matchdays could not be completed?
A: Yes. It would be better if all the teams had this issue clear. We have the pressure because right now we see ourselves there, whether you want it or not, we are fourth from the bottom, although it’s true that we have two teams tied in points and that we would never go down in a triple tie, but who knows what they will decide . I think they should tell all teams loudly and clearly what would happen if they don't play.

Q: What have you missed the most during the time you were confined without training in Abegondo or competing?
A: I'm going to tell the truth: to my little Basque partners. The whole team has a very good group, but we have a good clan, the Basques and some others, and we miss not seeing our teammates. The true has been a joy to see them again.

Q: Do you see Fernando Vázquez as energetic as ever?
A: Yes. He is energetic, it’s difficult for him to keep the safety distance, because he is very active, but he is aware, like everyone else, that the situation is what it is and must be endured.

Q: He has used you as a midfielder and centre-back. The important thing is to help, wherever you are?
A: It’s clear that the important thing is to help the team, and if it serves to win games, it will be welcomed, but if it were up to me, I would choose the position of midfielder.

Q: Are you starting to study what your future will be when your loan at Depor ends?
A: No, the true is that no. I want to think about these eleven games that are missing and after the season ends, we will see what happens to me and we will decide.

Q: If Athletic Club recommends you go out another year on loan, would you be willing to continue a second season at Deportivo?
A: Yeah right. It has been a difficult year, but it has been a year of much learning. In A Coruña I have friends and I am very fond of the city. It would be a good place, the truth.



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