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02 Jun 2020
Centre-back Eneko Bóveda is aware that a good result at the start of the new phase in liga will help the morale of the team. He also said to be recovered from his injury.

Defender Eneko Bóveda gave a virtual press conference. The centre-back analyzed the return of la liga and the situation of Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The injury: “I'm fine. I was eager to get up and go back to the day-to-day with the group. Right now, I am one more player. We will see if this affects my confidence, I hope not. No one knows what’s the best way to get there in the best conditions."

Physical problems in this stage: "There is evidence that playing two games a week people have more muscle injuries and can multiply by up to four. That will be difficult to avoid, but there are a whole series of members at the club who are waiting to try to do their best in the area of injury and fatigue prevention and if we can take advantage, because you do things better than other teams, it can be an important advantage ”.

Willing to return: “Without a doubt. It has been a joy to make every step we have taken to bring working conditions closer to normal. We started, I don't know if with fear, but with great caution, wishing we could have a life as close as possible to what it was before. And within that was playing games, so we're looking forward to playing and celebrating victories."

Pressure: “We’ve pressure without a doubt. In the end we have a difficult challenge ahead. It's about avoiding something bad and not so much getting something good. We will take account of how many games we have to win to focus it in a situation of going game by game. Mathematically, all matchdays are worth the same, but it’s true that when you win one match, you are closer to winning the next. It can be important to start well so that you don't get overwhelmed by the fears or ghosts of months ago."

The calendar: “The only advantage would have been to start since the first day, but it’s normal and you will be playing every two or three days. We must get used to this pace, and off course, it won’t be an excuse to yield worse. The players are conscious that our recovery after 72 hours must be total.”

What to expect from the return: “The closest idea that we can have is the German league. I have followed it on TV. What changes is your perception of the game, because the environment and the noise are different. We will see, but I believe you can adapt to anything. The first games will have weird feelings and we need to get used to it.”

How is the confidence of the team: “In a regular season the problems that everyone is talking is the last game or the next one, now the conversations are deflected to other issues. As soon as the news related to coronavirus have been better, then everything is more normal and now we live a pre-season for a last stage of the season.”

How can affect the fact of playing behind closed doors: “We will see. I don’t know if they already played five matchdays in Germany, but the evidence is not too much. But we have been emphasizing the figure of the fans throughout the year, so it’s logical that it has an effect over the games. You will extract conclusions with the results, and this is a matter of preparing the games and avoid excuses.”

Will Depor keep playing with five defenders? “We will see. A lot still to be talked. Four or five defenders? I don’t know. We have been working in some things and I have been sidelined, so I am not the right person to talk about it. But right now, we have been working in individual tactical aspects. We will see.”



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