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03 Jun 2020
Salva Ruiz believes that Deportivo will be ready for the game with Sporting and says that everything is working during the training sessions.

Left-back Salva Ruiz gave a virtual press conference. The defender talked of the competition for his position, the feelings in the training sessions and the return against Sporting. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Five modifications per game: “For me it’s fine. We are coming from an exceptional situation, you need a short recovery and it’s good in order to avoid injuries. Definitely, it’s going to be a benefit. There’s a lot of equality in the league and all the teams are compensated.”

The “pre-season”  “Each day we are better. It’s true that it was tough at the start, in my case I have a little garden at my home and was able to do more things, but later it’s different on the pitch. The coaching staff has prepared a tough pre-season and it has been hard to get the pace. I believe we are going to be ready for the first week.”

Ready for the competition: “Maybe we could be a little short for been working during two weeks before the restart, but it’s the same for everyone and we are coming for a good moment with a coach that we already know. I believe we will be ready.”

Mollejo and the competition for the position: “I believe everyone has the hope to be a starter, and after surpassing my injury, I am willing to dispute the position with either Luis [Ruiz] or Mollejo.”

Playing behind closed doors: “It’s true that the fact of playing with public gives you a plus, they push you when things aren’t fine.”

Feelings in a tactical aspect: “It’s something we have in the inside since been kids. The concepts cannot be lost and, according to what the coaching staff has transmitted us, the data says we are fine. I believe the team is eager to play a game, which is what we like.”

First week working together: “What we like is to play eleven against eleven. We did it yesterday and truly we are content for been together. In that regard we are eager to work and the group is hopeful.”

Will there be surprises in the last stretch of la liga? “The support of the public, or their absence, can be already noticed in the results in Germany. So, the visiting team can get the victory.”

Depor’s chances for the salvation: “It can be a benefit the current situation, but it’s also true that we are losing the big support at home.”



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