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04 Jun 2020
Sabin Merino believes that the large squad of Deportivo is going to be ana advantage ahead of the restart of la liga.

Striker Sabin Merino offered a virtual press conference. The Basque attacker talked of the plans of some teams in the attempt to play with public, and also recognizes that the large squad of Deportivo is an advantage for them. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Depor has a large squad: "Nobody starts with an advantage, because we are all on equal terms, but the good thing about this team is that we have a large and competitive squad and, in the end, having a lot of games in a row, we will need everyone and it’s a guarantee and perhaps a small advantage, although nothing guarantees that this will lead you to victories.”

The team is coming after a bad form: “We are talking about something that happened two and a half months ago. You cannot value anything now of what happened before. In the end it’s a new situation, the next match will have nothing to do with the previous one. The coach looks out for the good of the team, which is the best to achieve those victories and we have to try to add, whatever the system is.”

The debate of having public in some stadiums: “That a club can have public at the stands, whether we like it or not, is an advantage. In this sense, the fairest thing is that we all have the same conditions. Whatever is decided, may it be the same for everyone.”

Physical state: “Every day I feel better and there’s still a week and a half left. I think we will arrive in perfect conditions to face the first match and what comes next.”

Many unknow factors: “You have to take it with the greatest calm of the world. Assume that today we are going to play behind closed doors. It is what you have to adapt to and the biggest change there can be. We aren’t used to play without an audience. If it’s possible to play with the public it will be beneficial for everyone, but the measures being taken are for a reason and we hope that in the short term people will be seen in the stadiums again.”

Determining factors: “You have to win, that’s clear. It’s what counts and what is worth. The situation is new for all teams and we'll see. In the end you have to adapt as quickly as possible to the new changes and take them on."



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