08 Jun 2020
Academy layer Iago Gandoy offered an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. He talked of his experiences training with the first team during this stage.

Q: How have been these weeks of training?
A: We are highly motivated. I see the team with great desire and great enthusiasm to resume the competition and to win the maximum possible number of matches and move forward with the situation we are in.

Q: A lot of demand?
A: Itís true that both, the coach and Pombo, are putting a lot of pressure on us, but we have to arrive very well prepared after this mini pre-season.

Q: Does this preparation period look anything like a normal pre-season?
A: Itís different from any pre-season, starting because we can no longer even shower at the changing room. The first few weeks were just individual workouts, and everything is totally different. On a physical level it may seem a bit, because we do similar exercises, but itís completely different because there is less time and you cannot compete either.

Q: Did you have any concerns when you were called to train, because of the uncertainty at the beginning about the health situation?
A: Not really. For me it was very good news and I am very grateful to the club for giving me this opportunity. The situation was critical, but I think that, with the protocol, Deporís players are doing well. I think if you behave in the way thatís recommended there is no problem and also every so often tests are being done. For my part I have no fear.

Q: What did the call to train with the first squad meant?
A: Seeing myself again training regularly with the first team, and more with a coach like Fernando VŠzquez, who has a reputation for betting on the youth team, is an opportunity that I face with great enthusiasm. I try to do it well every day to convince the coach that I have the level to be there and why not find some opportunity to play at the first team.

Q: What does Fernando VŠzquez transmit to you?
A: Both me and everyone he transmits a lot of tranquility and a lot of intensity. Heís very aware of young people, especially to correct us. In that aspect he helps us a lot and the personal treatment with him is very good. I didnít know him personally until now and he is a very close coach.

Q: Were you surprised or is it as you imagined?
A: The attitude and mentality is as I expected. He is very passionate and transmits that in training. He likes this sport a lot, he likes football a lot and he lives it. You can see that in every training session, every time and in every task that we do with him.

Q: You were one of the usual Fabrilís players with first team, what happened to stop seen you there?
A: I donít know the motive. Maybe the club had enough players. I accepted it and tried to do well at Fabril. Now I have the opportunity again.

Q: Were you surprised by the decision to end the competition at Tercera Division?
A: We had to find solutions and itís very difficult to find a correct answer. That football ended in Segunda B and Tercera wasnít clear. If already at Primera and Segunda it is costing, imagine yourself in teams with a smaller budget. It will be very difficult even playing the playoffs. Everyone at Fabril was aware that the season was over.

Q: Does your renewal go through a jump to the first team?
A: I cannot comment much more. Thatís up to the club. Iím now focused on training and taking advantage of the opportunity they are giving me. The important thing now is to get the team out of this situation and I, individually, to do it well and convince the coach that I can be there.

Q: Do you already feel like wanting to jump into the first team?
A: Itís logical. We all want to take a leap and it's nice to get into professional football, but it's not easy and you have to earn it. It is what I am trying and above all with humility.

Q: Could this opportunity be your springboard?
A: Itís clear that being at the first team of a club like Deportivo gives you a cache and itís a very big leap, itís Segunda Division and professional football.

Q: Do you see more possibilities from now on, perhaps the teams will start looking more at the academies due to the difficulty of going to the market?
A: Itís evident that the market is going to drop worldwide and that the academy is going to have more prominence. In the case of Depor I think itís one of the places where it should have more prominence, because there are people who come from below who are very prepared and can have the level to contribute things to the first team.

Q: Was the horizon of the first team looming too far for the lads at the academy in recent seasons?
A: On all sides itís difficult to reach professional football. At Primera and Segunda there are only the best. What we notice from below is difficulty, but because it is so, not only at Depor. You have to be lucky, you have to be very good and be very prepared. The perspective that we have is that itís very difficult and that itís necessary to work to reach the top, but thatís very complicated.



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