12 Jun 2020
Attacker Keko GontŠn conceded an interview to La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. The Madrilenian analyzed the return to competition as Depor play on Sunday.

Q: As the first game approaches, are you more and more eager to compete?
A: Yes. With the desire and also the nervousness that this whole situation brings about knowing how we will respond to a field that has no public, since we have never played like this and itís almost like training, but in the end you are competing and you are playing a lot, and also for knowing how we are going to respond physically after two months out. After all this uncertainty, itís true that there is desire, but thereís also nervousness.

Q: How does the team arrive physically?
A: Very good. We have worked very well, very intensively, and itís true that the lack of friendly matches will be noticed. In a normal pre-season, you don't have pace, no matter how much you are training at full speed, and you pick it up as you play games. We havenít even been able to play friendlies and training all together we have spent a week. Within the difficult circumstances, the team has done as much as possible and we have prepared well within the limits we have.

Q: Is it key to start winning to get out of relegation now?
A: I am 100% sure that the first game, I am not saying that it will be definitive, but it will mark the line of the next ten. It will give you the peace of mind to face the next matches or the anxiety that each meeting will be a final. The first game for us is very important to get good feelings, gain confidence and forget about the negative dynamics that we had in the last two or three games before confinement and mark a new line of what we want to be as a team, forget everything that we went in the past in this league, and how to start a new league of twelve teams.

Q: Mollejo is suspended, «olak doubtful and Aketxe injured.
A: They are footballers who have been playing, I donít know if they will eventually arrive or not fit for the game, but in this situation we are aware that the force will be in the group and even those who donít have discomfort there are times that they will not be able to play due to fatigue and others issues. If some don't play, others will play. We trust in the strength of the group.

Q: Does Depor have an advantage over its direct rivals for having a theoretically broader and more balanced squad?
A: I don't know why I haven't analyzed the other teams. We have a fairly balanced squad and I think itís ready. Yes, itís true that it will be essential because footballers, after two months stopped, arenít ready to play games every 72 hours. So, the coach is going to need all the teammates, that they are 100% prepared to compete.

Q: You have barely played since your arrival, do you expect to count more now?
A: I will not fool you. I came here to play, that before confinement did not happen and now I hope to find the opportunity, the minutes and settle in the team.

Q: Has Fernando VŠzquez spoken to you?
A: He personally hasnít spoken to me, he has spoken to everyone and he has told us that he is aware that he will need everyone, that for him the most important thing is always the team and that we simply have to prepare ourselves to the best of our ability because he going to need us.

Q: Are you worried for the lack of knowledge about how the competition would be solved if in the end all the matchdays cannot be completed?
A: Right now, we arenít considering it. In this situation, we all trust that the league will end. We are at a point where the coronavirus appears to be quite controlled. It would have to be a catastrophe if the league doesnít end. It is something that none of us contemplate.

Q: Has the fear of catching the virus completely disappeared?
A: Itís true that the first days when you start training there is that fear, the syndrome that begins to go out after having spent two months at home as a hermit. Thatís over. At the level of society, fears are being removed every day because it seems that the virus is controlled and, apart from that, we have inspectors who work very well, we are carrying out a very rigorous method to try to avoid infections and we are being quite responsible. I donít see that fear in the heads of my team mates or any of those who are here to compete.

Q: Without public, will you have to make an extra mental effort to activate yourselves?
A: Itís going to require a special exercise on our part to get that little point of tension, looking for it in what we are playing, how important it is, since sometimes you could do it simply by having the public there who is pushing you or who is putting pressure, but we are professionals and we know whatís at stake. I don't think that we, the Deporís players, need that tension. Yes, itís true that it will be a bit strange and we will have to see how we respond to these sensations, but the point of tension will be there.

Q: Is Deportivo affected with empty stadiums?
A: Itís true that Depor, at their field, is one of the stronger teams in the league. I donít know if we are losing but from what is being seen, there are no more favorites, obviously it harms the large teams in the league.

Q: Your automatic renewal depends on Depor remaining at Segunda, another extra motivation?
A: Yes of course. Right now the future of most of the players at the squad is up in the air, that's why I say that we don't think we need that little bit of tension from people because we know what we are playing for.



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