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15 Jun 2020
Ups and downs in an empty Riazor. Depor had good chances to win the game, but also looked bad in defence and Sporting could also have won the game.

Coach Fernando Vázquez presented the expected 5-3-2 draw; Mujaid Sadick was left on the bench, so Javi Montero was a starter and Abdoulaye Ba was making his debut with Deportivo.

Dani Giménez was the goalkeeper, Eneko Bóveda covered the right side in defence, the left was for Salva Ruiz. Peru Nolaskoain joined Ba and Montero at the central positions. Gaku Shibasaki, Emre Çolak and Vicente Gómez played at midfield territory, then Claudio Beauvue and Sabin Merino were the attackers.

At Sporting Gijón, Miroslav Djukić presented a 4-4-2 formation with Murilo de Souza, Álvaro Vázquez and Carlos Carmona as the offensive references. Cristian Salvador was a starter at midfield.

Not a bad return for Depor. The Galicians showed some spark in attack with Gaku Shibasaki and Emre Çolak controlling the game, but the team also shown lagoons in defence and Sporting also had the chance to claim the lead. 

Sporting Gijón had the first opportunity in the game with an action of Carmona that ended with a Manu García unable to connect the ball properly when he was entering the area (2’). Depor responded with Emre Çolak firing volley that went over the crossbar (6’). In the following play Peru Nolaskoain headed the ball out.

At minute 13, a lateral free-kick for the locals ended with a volley from Claudio Beauvue that missed the target. Both teams were missing too many passes at midfield, but the game was entertaining as there were arrivals.

By minute 15, Depor were already comminating the actions and Sporting were feeling uncomfortable for been locked at their side of the area. At minute 21, Sabin Merino could have scored, but his crossed shot just went close to the far post.

And then Sporting Gijón had the best chance to take the lead. A counterattack of Álvaro Giménez ended with Murilo de Souza moving faster than Ba, and his shot hit the far post and then hit the back of Dani Giménez and went out (24’).

After this action the game changed and Sporting started to have the ball possession.  The Asturians improved a lot thanks to the runs of Carmona and Unai Medina. Depor had problems to attack, but still had the next opportunity to score, it was a cross of Emre Çolak that Beauvue sent out (37’).

The first shot on target in the game came at minute 40, it was for Sporting after an error of Salva Ruiz. The defender was too slow and the final pass allowed a shot of Carmona that Dani Giménez cleared to corner-kick (40’).

The final part had the same taste than the first. Depor had some good moments, but also others in which the Galicians looked poor in defence.

The second half started with a great chance for Deportivo. After only 35 seconds, a great combinative play ended with Çolak drilling a pass into the path of Eneko Bóveda, who released a crossed shot from the right corner of the box and the ball went close to the far post.

The game continued to be equal; Sporting weren’t creating clear chances, but continued to have long ball possessions.  Çolak was still leading Deportivo, but the locals lacked more consistency and the doubts in defence continued. He and Gaku were the best players in a Deportivo that at time looked apathetic.

Perhaps that’s why it was strange to see the Turkish replaced early in the half, it was a triple substitution with Uche Agbo, Koné and Keko Gontán entering the field. Beauvue and Vicente Gómez were the other men that left the pitch.

Deportivo started to improve and Sabin Merino had a great chance at minute 58, Koné made the play on the right wing, and his drilling cross was connected by Sabin Merino and his final shot went close to the near post. Then Cristian Santos replaced Merino, who didn’t have his day missing three clear chances throughout the game.

Then the Galicians lost precision. The attacks were too hurried and it allowed Sporting to breath. And the Asturians had a new great chance to score. Murilo made a great play and Dani Giménez saved Depor facing Manu García (69’). The final substitution at Depor was the entry of Mujaid for Montero.

And it wasn’t the day for Depor’s strikers, because after Merino wasted three chances, Cristian Santos missed the opportunity to win the game after heading out a cross from Keko (85’). One minute later Uche Agbo missed the target firing from the edge of the area. The game ended with a chance for Sporting in a corner-kick action, Cristian Salvador was unable to head the ball properly (89’).

Mixed feelings with a Deportivo that only added a point at home. The Galicians lacked coordination and strength in defence, but could have also won the game with the chances wasted by Sabin Merino and Cristian Santos. Gaku and Çolak were the best players for the locals.

Depor remain in relegation, but tied in points with Real Oviedo, precisely the rival for the next game: Wednesday, Carlos Tartieri, 19h30 CET).

Deportivo: (5-3-2) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Nolaskoain, Ba, Montero (Mujaid 79’), Salva Ruiz –Vicente Gómez (Uche Agbo 53’), Gaku, Çolak (Keko Gontán 53’) – Beauvue (Koné 53’), Sabin Merino (Cristian Santos 67’).
Sporting: (4-4-2) Mariño – Medina, Molinero, Babin, Cordero – Carmona, Cristian Salvador (Javi Fuego 90’), Pedro Díaz (Nacho Méndez 67’), Murilo - Manu García, Álvaro Vázquez (Đurđević 67’).
Referee: Saúl Ais Reig. He showed yellow card to Montero (48’).
VAR Official: José Antonio López Toca
Venue: Riazor
Other statistics: Ball possession (50% - 50%); Attempts to score (7 – 6); Total shots (14 – 15); Shots on target (0 - 3); Saves by the keepers (3 –0); Corner-kicks (6 - 7); Offsides (3 - 1); Fouls committed (19 – 8); Passing accuracy (73% - 73%)



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