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22 Jun 2020
Again a Deportivo showing two faces, this time for the positioning of the players. Fernando Vázquez is focusing the rotations of the players.

1- Rollercoaster of a season: For the fifth time this season, Deportivo starred in a game in which one of the teams had to comeback from a two-goal deficit. In the opening matchday, the Galicians were defeating Real Oviedo 2-0, then the Asturians tied only to end losing 3-2. Then in September, Depor came back from a 0-1 hosting CD Numancia and was leading 3-1 only to drop two points in the added time. 

And this is the third comeback that happens to Depor since the arrival of Fernando Vázquez. His winning streak with the team ended with the draw hosting Girona FC, match that was 2-0 and that ended 2-2. Then in straight matchdays Deportivo came back from a two-goal deficit, first to end 2-2 at Real Oviedo, and in this matchday to transform it into a 3-2 that later ended in a 3-3.

2- The key: the positioning: Once again the performance of Deportivo was very different in both halves, and the key to understand the difference was the positioning. In the first half the team was too static, no one was running in order to extend the passing lanes or to find cracks at the rival’s defence. The result was to complete up to ten sterile passes at midfield. Rayo were so comfortable that the only chance to score for the Galicians in the first half came in a bad clearance that ended with a wide shot of Mollejo.

The situation completely changed in the second half, now the locals players were rotating and damaging the rival, and all of this because they were moving and searching for the best position to pen the defence.  And this was noticed in the first two goals. In the first Koné dribble two rivals, something unseen in the first part, and his cross went into a zone where Christian Santos was already waiting for the ball thanks to his quick positioning. The second goal was a counterattack in which the locals completed five passes to see Bóveda releasing a cross that was met by Mollejo, yes the keeper failed too, but the whole conception of the play was never seen in the first half.

3- Rotations: It’s now clear that the plan of Fernando Vázquez is to rotate players taking in mind the busy calendar, but he is not making a full rotation, but focusing the rest on specific men. For the past game at Real Oviedo, he left Montero out of the roster, now Claudio Beauvue, Sabin Merino and Gaku Shibasaki saw the entire meeting from the bench. Even when the team needed goas in the second half, the coach preferred to give opportunities to Borja Valle and Christian Santos. For the game at Elche CF the coach will probably choose someone else for this policy of rotations.

4- Fourth goal for Christian Santos: Christian Santos has now scored four goals on this season, this is his first in 2020. After been a starter in the first two matchdays and scoring a goal against Real Oviedo and SD Huesca, the Venezuelan turned to be intermittent in the lineups and only returned to score in the last game of 2019 facing CD Tenerife.

5- The show of Vicandi Garrido: Referee Iñaki Vicandi Garrido almost ruined the game for both teams. The first penalty was difficult to whistle, but the VAR exists to polish this kind of decision and, despite having five minutes to check it on a TV screen, he didn’t revert his decision when it was never clear that the ball hit the arm of Martin Pascual. Later he lasted too much in repeating the penalty when Dimitriesky moved before the whistle, and that delay cost the injury of Peru. Nolaskoain. And to compensate the referee whistled an inexistent penalty of Mujaid over Qasmi.



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