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25 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach was proud of his team and its sacrifice. He also analyzed the performance of the key men. Elche’s coach was satisfied despite the outcome.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was satisfied with the performance of his team, "I would say it’s the game we needed. We already needed a victory already and we get it. The group’s behavior, both the men on the field and at the stands, has been impressive. A tremendous symbiosis between bench and team. We have suffered and this victory has to give us a lot of life.”

The Galician coach was explained his decisions throughout the game, “From the beginning we started with a different idea than what we were doing after the break, which was to go out for the rival and be protagonists. We grant the initiative to the rival, to a team with fast transitions, with a lot of quality. We didn't want to let them run. I was hoping to put up speed later, I wasn't expecting the red from Gaku and the solutions were different. I decided to get that speed at midfield, with a different job than Mollejo and Vallejo are used to."

About Uche Agbo, he stated that, “I knew him, he seems to me to be an important footballer. But he didn't come in a good shape. It was a matter of time and this break has been extraordinary. When I see a footballer take that state of form, I have no choice but to put him to play. "

He was also talking of the performance of Álex as a centre-back, "Álex can be told that something is missing here, something there ... but football is a tactical sport, especially intelligence. And in that Alex has plenty of. I have to watch the game again, but it gave me the feeling that he was two meters tall, because of the number of balls he claimed.”

Finally, Vázquez talked of Hugo Vallejo, “It is what I’ve seen today. Impressive power. With spaces he is a tremendous footballer. He has to gain experience, he shouts for a chance, but needs to be able to play more calmly and watch football perhaps with a broader focus and define more clearly.”

Álex Bergantiños talked of the meaning of the victory, “The team had been drawing many games. This victory multiplies everything we have done so far and we did it without conceding a goal. We have to return to that solidity that brought us out of that critical situation we had at Christmas. It can be a sample of the path we have to follow to achieve the salvation. But you never know. In this league there is a lot of equality and the details are crucial.”

Meanwhile, and despite the loss, Pacheta said that his Elche played the best game since the return, "This match has been lost because we haven’t been successful. It has been the best of the four matches so far, a game in which we had more arrivals. We finished all the artillery on the field: Jonathas, Escriche, Nino, Iván Sánchez, Fidel, Josan.... We were left with one more player and that locked up Deportivo. There is nothing else to do to beat the rival. Just be more precise. I prefer this feeling than the previous ones. We conceded some counterattacks that we should have stopped before. We must also improve the precision of the crosses and the shots.” 




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