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30 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach targets two more victories in order to clinch the permanence. Tenerife’s coach is expecting for an equal game between two in-form teams.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Monday. He believes that two more victories should give the permanence to his team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Peru Nolaskoain, Montero & Keko Gontán: “I hope that Peru could be ready for the game against Huesca. Keko is having a muscle issue, he neither is available for this game; both are injured. I also have two players with issues, but nothing important. Then, Montero is out for suspension.”

Ba: "I absolutely trust Abdoulaye Ba. He had a bad game, but I don't kill a player for a bad performance. He will have more opportunities. He is an intelligent lad, focused and ready to play again. I gave Abdoulaye the example of Uche. I put him in Albacete for an hour and I had to remove him. Well, this is the situation. You need to have peace of mind and he is having it. He will play again, for sure.”

Álex Bergantiños as a centre-back: “I still looking at him as a lad with the ability to play as a centre-back, but I also see him at midfield. It will be changing it depending on the needs of the team, always remembering that he will need rest.”

Three days to rest after the last game, then five games for the next one: “The problem is not that I will have five days, but that I am only having three now. It’s a problem of performance. I have to valorize if a man that played on Saturday will yield the same now. I have players that have performed on fourth straight games and those men are in risk of getting injured. I cannot be thinking of having five days later, but that he could get hurt now. I also need to think who could yield more at Tenerife.”

Visiting the Heliodoro Rodríguez stadium: "I think Tenerife have an advantage, the rest of the teams suffered the circumstances of that stadium. It isn’t the normal environment of the peninsula. You always notice that you get a little flat when you get to the islands and I'm afraid of that."

Tenerife: “It is a well-managed team. Consistent, offensively important and defensively well organized, with individual abilities, many footballers who are on loan with incredible quality. From my point of view, they also have a midfielder like Milla who marks the difference."

The fight for the permanence: “I don't do too many numbers. I think two more victories would be enough. You have to win and not think about anything else. One final after another. They asked me after defeating Ponferradina for other objectives. I ask for humility, tranquility. What we cannot do is to constantly change points of view depending on the result. We know our goal and that's where we are headed. The players know that."

Competence in the league: “In Segunda División all the teams fight for a spot in the playoff. That’s the reality. The equality is at the highest point.”

Do you notice an advantage for having a large squad? “It’s tough to analyze for me, because I don’t know the rotations of clubs like Tenerife. I just try to reach the final stage having freshness. What others do, I don’t know. For now, things are fine despite having players dragging several games in a row. We started on June 11 and already played 5 games. Tenerife aren’t making rotations. In my case, I try to be more prudent.”

Rubén Baraja addressed the media on Monday. He is expecting for a competitive match. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the team: "The match against Deportivo La Coruña is similar to the one against Cádiz, because of the time we have to prepare it. I think the players have recovered well. When we enter a good dynamic you feel good, things are better for the team and the sensations are better. Good results allow you to face tiredness in a better way.”

Expectations for the game: "I expect a complicated game like the rest. We are two different teams compared to what we were in the first round. They are better, they have recovered the level. We have to face it with a great mentality. The two teams have had a good evolution, not without effort or suffering, but we still have to close the objectives. It will be an open and competitive game."

The team is closer to promotion than to relegation: "We have needed the help of the fans and the players, who have understood and believed in the idea. This has led to exponential growth in performance, we would all have signed it."

The role of Luis López: "Lluís López has waited for his opportunity. He arrives in the winter market and Tenerife were in a good dynamic. He has had patience and professionalism. His performance is consistent with the team and that always gives us the opportunity to put him at the starting eleven.” 




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