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02 Jul 2020
Fernando Vázquez chose the right tactic for the game but, for the fifth straight time, Depor had to comeback in the score to rescue the result, all after a new polemic call by the referee.

1- The right tactic: Fernando Vázquez guessed right the way to face a tough rival. Beyond the fact of switching the draw into a 5-4-1, he understood that CD Tenerife were going to pay a high price for not making rotations, and he bet in arriving to the second half having a fresh squad and with modifications at the right time. And that explains what happened in the game.

Because, in the first half, Vázquez planned a team to hold on and counterattack on the sides. The first half was balanced and things changed in the second half as soon as the rival got tired. Without quality on the bench the rival lowered the level after the big the effort, and Vázquez was aware of this situation and sent a more vertical team that caressed the victory creating six chances to score only in the final part.

2- Borja Valle and his new role: Fernando Vázquez also left a clear message about Borja Valle: He is now using the ex-Oviedo as a centre midfielder.  When Uche Agbo got injured at the middle of the first part, the coach had multiple options, from simply replacing him with Vicente Gómez or Iago Gandoy, to put a player in attack and move Álex to midfield, but Vázquez preferred to keep the system with five defenders and allow Borja Valle to perform as a centre midfielder, something he already did in the past game with SD Ponferradina. And the true is that Valle made a solid game, directing the game from the second line together with Gaku.

3- Countless corner-kicks: If something can be criticized to Deportivo is the lack of effectiveness in the corner-kicks. The Galicians had eight throughout the game, five of them in the second half and four of those corner-kicks meant a chance to score that was wasted, from the incredible heel attempt of Sabin Merino to the same player sending the ball out instead of heading it in.

4- Comeback and again the stoppage time… For the fifth straight opportunity, Deportivo rescued points after been trailing in the game, and for the second straight game, it changed the sign of the result scoring during the stoppage time. The Galicians and UD Las Palmas are now the only Segunda clubs that remain undefeated after the lockdown.

5- … And again the referee: Once again Deportivo felt affected by the decisions made by a referee. Referee  Miguel Ángel Ortíz didn’t show any card in the tough tackle that meant the exit of Uche Agbo, and in the second half, he whistled a very doubtful penalty when Mujaid jumped for the ball before Joselu, the attacker tried to simulate too and it can be understood why the play was initially whistled as a penalty, but the referee didn’t want to re-watch the play though the VAR, exactly the protest of Fernando Vázquez. 




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