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07 Jul 2020
Depor’s coach is still insisting as the permanence is not done yet despite good moment of the team.

Coach Fernando Vázquez explained how he saw the game, “In the first half the team was well placed, better than in the second. They scored that goal, another one after a cross. We need to check it as it’s the third we allow in that way. In the second half we were tired and suffered more. We changed the behavior and were more passive, also dictated by the score. The dominion of Huesca was provoked and we allowed fouls that should have been avoided. I believe we did an extraordinary job in defence against a rival with players of an important level.”

He was also warning that the permanence is not done yet, “I explained it during the past press conference: The goal is farthest as it seems closer. Yes, we are coming from a tough situation and see the goal near, but we need calm, because I lived in the past a stage where the goal was there and we ended losing it.”

The Galician coach also talked of Christian Santos and his great goal, “I am happy for Christian. It seems that he is suffering for been playing alone, and the strikers live for the goal. He did a great job today.” About the lack of minutes for Çolak, the coach said that, “He was playing a lot after the lockdown, but I also changed the playing style. Aketxe and Çolak weren’t the right ones to command the team. Maybe 90 minutes for Çolak are too much and have talked with him about it.”

Vázquez also explained the issues of goalkeeper Dani Giménez, “Alberto was on the roster. Evidently, I put him there for having doubts with Dani for some issues, and since there was room in the roster, I decided to pick a third keeper.”

Víctor Mollejo was praising the work done by the coach, “I think that the change in mentality that the coach has given us is fundamental, we thought that we didn’t deserve to defend this shirt and the coach has managed to change our mentality and add victories. We had in mind to recover the disaster from the first round, because we are better of what we showed before.”

Salva Ruiz was talking of relief, but that the permanence is not done yet, “We are feeling some relief, because if we wouldn’t have won, then we would be one game away, one point away or one defeat away that would leave you depending on others. This brings confidence, but nothing is done yet. We haven’t made the task yet and we must win in Málaga.”

At SD Huesca, coach Michel was feeling sorry for the outcome, “It’s a painful defeat and we have to get up. We played a great match in the second half. The idea was to play like this, but we haven’t materialized the occasions. I’m satisfied with the performance of the second part. Before we have played with the scoresheet and that hasn’t favored us.”

“After the 0-1, we haven’t been able to continue with our idea for the game. We played, but we didn't have that depth from other times. Depor is a very good team having the ball. We’ve played more to pass the ball than to attack. They have felt comfortable and generated football and danger inside and outside.” He added. 





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