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16 Jul 2020
Deportivoís president talked to the media on Wednesday; he analyzed the current situation in liga and also talked of «olak and the future.

Fernando Vidal had a virtual press conference on Wednesday. Deporís president wanted to show up in a delicate week for the club. He talked of the cases with «olak and Extremadura, and also of his conversations with the players and coaching staff. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Fans at the stands: ďWe will talk about it at the precise moment. That option will take priority in restricted access. We still don't know what can happen. I foresee that the first matches will be behind closed doors. It could change if the situation improves lot, but with the sprouts... I think that at the beginning of the season there will be conservative measures. Large crowds cause possible new cases, itís something we cannot fight against. When the season ends, we will launch the subscriber campaign without knowing the conditions of access to the stadiums. It will not depend on the League, it depends on the health authorities. We hope that little by little we can incorporate ourselves into normality."

The current situation in liga: "I have lived in other stages difficult times, the week before the 2-2 at the Nou Camp. This was to go from Primera to Segunda, this is to go from Segunda to Segunda B. Itís a complicated and difficult time. Deportivo have lived many important weeks, this is very important and vital for the future. We will try to corroborate the change we made in January and ratify the permanence. It was very complicated in December, so the effort made by the squad and coaching staff has been tremendous. This will be ruined by a bad game. We have two more opportunities to confirm the reaction."

How the president faced the defeat with Extremadura: "In the morning, twelve hours after a hit as big as Sunday's game, I was unable to sleep that night. It left a bad taste in my mouth and it was an opportunity for the permanence. They [the players] were feeling mortified and dejected, the normal thing hours later. Yesterday many were thinking about Miranda and today they are plugging in for the game, aware of the situation. Let's break our breasts to get the points there. I saw Fernando in the morning and at night. In the morning he was feeling hurt, and in the afternoon forgetting Sunday and thinking about Friday. We go with all the desire and hope of getting the points.Ē

Conversation with the players: ďOn Monday, I was entirely devoted to that topic. It was necessary as president, I went to Abegondo and the first thing was that I had a conversation in the changing room, I told them that they have to think about what they have done well to get to where we are. We are the second team of the second round, we would be in direct promotion if it were a thing of one round. They must look at all that made us get here, with union, commitment, playing together. We must not lose that thread, that comeback would be historic. We need those values in Miranda for the permanence. At night I went to Santiago, to be with the coach. Heís a very special figure in football, these are difficult moments, itís my job as president. We dined together, we talked a lot about the past, the future, we left the dinner very happy. Itís necessary.Ē

Importance of Friday: ďWe arenít going to discover anything; on Friday we play for a lot. In case of achieving the victory, we could certify the permanence depending on the rest of the results."

The case with Emre «olak: "What I can say, as president, fan and partner, «olak didnít join the training on Monday, itís an act of serious indiscipline that has no defense whatsoever. I can say that, in January, he gave all the facilities, he came with great desire. But he was losing prominence in the squad. He felt isolated and made a bad decision on Monday. It is up to the coaching staff, a sporting matter, to make the right decision."

The expulsions of Fernando VŠzquez: "The sanction is exaggerated; from the stands he gave few instructions. Giving him four games of suspension, I think itís an exaggeration. Fernando is very responsible with the club, he caught the club in a complicated situation. The state of nerves is what it is, he has never disrespected anyone. He is very polite, he doesnít insult, he has only asked for explanations."

The petition of illegal lineup in the game with Extremadura: "The decision was made on Sunday night, the illegal lineup by Extremadura. Beyond my beliefs, thereís the defense of the interests of the club. Failure to do so would be negligent and irresponsible on my part. We are convinced that there is illegal lineup, we refer to a manifest fact. Therein lies the motivation for the decision. I respect the opinions of the other clubs. Deportivo has a claim channel thatís there, which we believe may be valid. Doing nothing is irresponsible. No one disputes that Extremadura beat us on the field, there is an anomalous situation with an irregular call that, in a set of the game, something of this type happens, staying with six first-team players. We are going for everything. Personally, as an athlete I can talk about one thing, itís easy to talk about ethics when you have no contractual obligations from your club. I have a clear conscience, we are doing the right thing. We are going to appeal, the possibility of being denied again, we would go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, we have arguments that could be valued by the TAD that on other similar issues has decided to agree with the plaintiff club. "

The failed arrival of Domingo Catoira: ďIn terms of strengthening technical areas of the club, we spoke to many people. Domingo was one of them, heís an exceptional coach, but the negotiations didnít materialize. He had other offers and decided to go to Espanyol. I would love for him to be part of Deportivo in the future.Ē

The importance of the agreement with ABANCA: ďIf the economic step that we have proposed does not take place, then we would have difficulties. With the capital increase with ABANCA, the salary cap would be raised.Ē

Fran waiting for the official arrival to the academy: ďI said it in other occasions, we arenít going to make any decision until we have the team in the situation we want to be in. First to be in Segunda, and then when the shareholders meeting passes, until these conditions are met, no sports decision of any kind will be made.Ē



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