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19 Jul 2020
Fernando Vázquez committed several mistakes, from the starting lineup to the modifications. But once again the players were the ones that left the impression of not been plugged in facing a rival that had nothing to win.

1- Another embarrassing performance: Deportivo needed the victory in a game against another rival that had nothing to win, and once again that rival showed clearest ideas and a better personality than a clueless team that provoked a new disappointment among the fans. Deportivo have chained three straight defeats, just in the most inopportune moment and when the permanence was looking closer.

2- The disaster of the starting lineup: Fernando Vázquez confessed after the defeat that the game plan was to hold on and later run for the counterattack, for that reason he put Mollejo and Vallejo on the pitch, because the idea was to give the ball to CD Mirandés and later release the counterattack on the sides, and Christian Santos was the icing as the coach thought that a lot of crosses were going to be released. But it didn’t happen, instead CD Mirandés was the side looking more dangerous in the counterattack, and the only clear chance to score for the Galicians was a free-kick of Gaku. 

3- Peru Nolaskoain: Another error at the starting lineup was the presence of Nolaskoain. The Basque player has been important on this season, but this game arrived too soon for him after only completing three trainings during the week. He looked insecure and some errors allowed the local counterattack. He was replaced at half-time.

4- The changes didn’t work: For the first time, Fernando Vázquez made four substitutions at the same time. It was a desperate measure made at half-time as the initial strategy failed and as Depor were losing. Aketxe, the best player since the lockdown, was in as Depor were looking for more combinations and set-pieces. But this time the modifications didn’t improve the team, it had some impulse within the first ten minutes, but later everything faded away as CD Mirandés recovered the control. For the final minutes Depor spent more time in offense, but it was the panic of a team that was dying.

Dani Giménez and the defence: There were some worries as Abdoulaye Ba was a starter, but in the end he had an acceptable performance, making a couple of interceptions and one key save. Once again Mujaid was the best defender, the problem is that the bad passes at midfield were giving a lot of problems as the centre-backs were constantly running chasing a rival in the counterattack. Meanwhile, Dani Giménez had a couple of good interventions, but was again criticized for reacting too late in the goal of CD Mirandés.



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