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20 Jul 2020
Depor’s coach believes that his team need to be focused in the victory and forget about other results. Fuenlabrada’s coach is aware of the importance of the game for both sides.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Sunday. He didn’t give any hint of what’s he’s planning for this crucial game, but said that he knows how the rival is going to play as they need a point. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Message for the fans: “I need to be sincere. They need to be confident. This is a football game, and anything can happen, but the coach and the players want to achieve the victory. We don’t depend on ourselves, but no matter what, what we need is to win a game. Later we have to look at other fields, and I consider that we can do it if we win a game.”

Feelings before the game: “I know how the rival is going to play, because they need a point. We need to be clear and intelligent. My feelings are positive.”

Reasons to believe in the team: “I translate to the players the pride of what we have done in the second round. If we have defeated important rivals before, why can’t we defeat Fuenlabrada now? The players and the coach know what we are representing.”

Fuenlabrada: “They need a point to reach the playoffs, so I have an idea of how they will play. It isn’t the same to be forced to win at home than been forced to get a point on the road.  It’s a different scenario of what we have faced before.”

Álex Bergantiños: Álex is injured. We have important casualties. It’s an important game and I not going to remember them at the moment of making the lineup. These are important casualties, but I hope it won’t be determinant.”

The feeling of the coach: “It’s a repetitive question, it’s seems that some people believe that I am a psychiatrist, but please, don’t doubt on my professionalism. I am at the top of my capacity.”

How to build up the lineup taking in mind the importance of the game? “In the first place, it is for the tactic, which players in a determinant moment can adapt to the game plan? I choose the players according to these circumstances.”

José Ramón Sandoval addressed the media on Sunday. He is aware that his team is about to reach an historic playoff, but he is also aware of the importance of the meeting for Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Visit to the Riazor: “The team is facing it in an excited way, with merit of what we are achieving so far since the team wants more and more and more. We are ambitious and we will try to take the last step of the regular competition and extend this a little more, the football period for our Fuenlabrada.”

Deportivo is risking its life: “It neither benefits us nor hurts, we have our feet on the ground, we are risking glory and they life. If we look at the context, well it will be the most difficult game of the season and we have to be very focused. We are not going to change the speech, we are a humble team, we are there since the squad have earned it freehand, nobody has given us nothing and we are going to try to finish the league with a victory since that assures us the promotion playoff. If not, then we will have to look at the results of other games. If we are aware of what we have done, we have to value even more the moment in which we are. A team that is fine but the match against Deportivo comes in handy to give us a reality bath and to know where we are.”

What this match against Deportivo means: “Whenever I sit here in the press room, I do so by being the voice of the institution, to be as high as possible. That means that when a team wins, it comes out more in the media, now we go out more since we are winning. Fuenlabrada has done many things well throughout the season, I cannot forget the good work that Mere has done, which left a great legacy, and this is also part of him. We have taken over and we are giving continuity to something that no one can forget, that this club was recently in Segunda B and that it’s now in the promotion playoff and depends on itself. If we are able to provide that continuity in professional football, at an institutional level, then the club will grow. If not, I only have words of thanks to the players, the coaching staff and the entire club, since we have given the maximum, excellence, everything we have. Now we have to enjoy the prize of getting into the playoff, and if we get it all Fuenlabrada is going to be very happy.”

Squad situation: “In the Elche match, the last changes we made were also made with the meeting against Deportivo in mind, to reserve minutes. If we get access to the playoff positions after three days, we have another game, this is a non-stop. For this reason, it is very important to have all 24 men available, and we have all the players at the point where we want. From there this game is a final, regardless of what will happen, it is as if there were no more games, then we will see how we handle the situation, to dose, double matches are coming and you can play the cards in another way." 




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