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21 Jul 2020
Bizarre situation before the crucial game with CF Fuenlabrada. The Madrilenian club reported at the last minute that they had positive COVID-19 cases. The game wasn’t played, but the relegation happened as the other matches were played.

90 minutes before the game had to be played, newspaper Diario de Cádiz reported that CF Fuenlabrada detected positive cases of COVID-19 among their players. Minutes later the news was confirmed by AS. Soon it was clear that something was happening as the Madrilenian team didn’t arrive to the Riazor.

Later the LFP and the RFEF released a statement confirmed that there were positive cases at CF Fuenlabrada, and that the game against Deportivo was suspended, but that the rest of the matchday was going to be played. This situation unleashed protests among the Segunda clubs that were fighting for the permanence or for the last playoff spot. Deportivo was one of the clubs that protested the decision. Rayo Vallecano even reported that they were menaced to lose the points if they refuse to play.

In the meantime, it was known that CF Fuenlabrada detected three positive cases on Friday, just after playing against Elche CF. One of them was a player and the other two members of the coaching staff. Nothing was said and the team travelled to A Coruña without releasing a roster for the match. Then, on Monday, they were informed of other six positive cases, these cases came from other tests that were made on Saturday and all of them players that didn’t have symptoms.

President Fernando Vidal initially said that there was nothing to do as they were informed of the situation just an hour before the kick-off, “The positive cases were known when the players landed in A Coruña. There's a window of 24 hours before they make the tests and the results are known. There's no sanction if the other team can't play. We don't know when the game can be played, I assume it will be soon as the playoffs need to be played."

But later the club released a statement and expressed their unsatisfaction with the decision of la liga regarding not suspending the whole matchday:

“Real Club Deportivo has scrupulously complied with all the sanitary requirements set forth in the protocols and has submitted to the match without Fuenlabrada appearing at the stadium. Of course, we are in full agreement with the sanitary reasons that force the suspension and that are assumed by this Club, but we consider that it must be understood that Fuenlabrada has not shown up for the celebration of the match and that Deportivo is harmed by the dispute the rest of the matchday in these conditions. For all this, Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña will study and take all the necessary legal actions, before the corresponding instances, in defense of its legitimate interests.”

Coach Fernando Vázquez also showed his disagreement with what was going on, "I wanted to play today, Lugo and Albacete play today with an advantage. They don’t play with the pressure of our score. I cannot understand the communication from La liga, the RFEF and the CSD." 

 After the matchday ended, Vidal clarified that he was informed that the games werent going to be played, "I understood that the rest of games weren't going to be played, but it wasn't like that and it's a big mistake by La Liga. We were in contact with other clubs and for me it's really serious that they allowed the other games to play. It isn't the same to play as we can press the rival scoring two goals." 




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