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25 Jul 2020
La Liga and FC Fuenlabrada are in deep problems due to their decisions before the game with Deportivo. The promotion playoff remains frozen.

The mess caused with the suspension of the game Deportivo Vs. CF Fuenlabrada is still storming Spanish football. There are two problems with this, the health issue and the sporting situation at Segunda División.

The health issue is the most serious situation, because it involves committing a crime that could have serious consequences. The base of this is the fact that both La Liga and CF Fuenlabrada had knowledge of the four positive cases at the Madrilenian squad, which were detected between Saturday and Sunday, but that weren’t reported to the health authorities until Monday and when the full expedition was already in A Coruña.

CF Fuenlabrada’s expedition remains locked in A Coruña with six more cases (ten as four more cases were confirmed on Thursday). These two situations are going against the protocols created by the Ministry of Health. Several instances are already investigating, and the City Council of A Coruña was the first to present a formal demand.

For now, the defend of La Liga is that their protocol was perfect, later after been attacked by the Superior Council for Sports (CSD), they counteracted assuring that the CSD was contradicting itself after supporting La Liga first.

More contradicting was the position of FC Fuenlabrada. On Monday the Madrilenian club was assuring that they did everything according to the rules, and that they allowed the trip to A Coruña because the four positive cases detected during the weekend didn’t have any relation between them, but by Friday the version was completely different as they were blaming La Liga assuring that it was this instance the one that forced them to make the trip.

Meanwhile. The sporting situation at Segunda División remains stuck. The Spanish federation ordered to freeze the playoffs, which first round was scheduled for this midweek. Right now, the issue of the relegation of Deportivo and CD Numancia is a taboo, but the Galician club already presented a request of precautionary measures.

Deportivo also presented an accusation against CF Fuenlabrada before the Spanish Federation together with CD Numancia, Rayo Vallecano and Elche CF, reason why the promotion playoff was suspended. But on Friday it was known that the Galicians also extended the protest as the Madrilenian team traveled to A Coruña for Monday’s game without a doctor, which is a requirement to play a game. The position of Depor is moving into a situation in which they will request a league of 24 teams on the following Segunda season (including Depor and CD Numancia).



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