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27 Jul 2020
Contradicting press releases, a playoff that remains doubtful and uncertainty for both Deportivo and CD Numancia. The mess in la liga continues.

It has been a weekend of contradiction and doubts at Segunda División. On Saturday, Deportivo received an e-mail of La Liga ordering the first team to undergo PCR tests on Tuesday, this kind of mails was only received 48 hours before a match was going to be played, and with the game Deportivo Vs. FC Fuenlabrada postponed without a date to be played, it was quite strange for the club to receive this request.

One day later, FC Fuenlabrada released a press statement in which the impression was that they were giving up in the intention to participate in the playoffs, which is a contradiction to what they were arguing before. This press release opened the doors to La Liga in order to unclog the four clubs participating in the promotion playoff.

For this reason, and only one hour after the press release, La Liga released its own press statement in which they “thanked” FC Fuenlabrada for the “sacrifice” and announced a petition to the Competition Committee in order to cancel the game Deportivo Vs. FC Fuenlabrada.

This was interpreted as the confirmation that Elche CF was going to claim the sixth spot for the promotion playoff, and only a few minutes later the Valencian club released a press statement also thanking FC Fuenlabrada and announcing that their were withdrawing their demand at the Competition Committee.

At this point to clarify that the petition of La Liga in order to cancel the game at the Riazor has no legal base, because the rules of competition doesn’t include the option of not playing a game. The rules only regulate the scenario of a game been suspended for three reasons: something happens during a game (a team is reduced to six players on the pitch as example), a team doesn’t show up to the meeting, and a if a team is expelled for a competition.

There’s nothing in the rules about a game been suspended by a health problem, a weather condition or any force majeure, because in theory that game can always be played in the future. And to make the mess even bigger, only one hour after the press release from La Liga, FC Fuenlabrada released a second press clip clarifying that they weren’t giving up to take part in the playoffs, only that they are accepting in advance the resolution of the competition committee. This left open the resolution of the playoff, and at the same times keeps the same scenario regarding the situation of CD Numancia and Deportivo, clubs that want to stay at Segunda División.

Also to mention that the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, released on Sunday a tweet in which he accepts that he is the responsible for allowing the trip of FC Fuenlabrada to A Coruña without fulfilling the requirements of the health authorities. This can be interpreted as a desperate move that can help to reduce any sentence against him for breaking the protocols of the government. 



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