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28 Jul 2020
Late on Monday, the club presented its reports of the actions that have been taken in order to defend the rights of Deportivo. The Galician club wants a solution to what happened on matchday 42 and requests the relegation of Fuenlabrada and a league of 24 participants.

On Sunday La Liga and CF Fuenlabrada presented their positions regarding the controversial case of the suspension of the match Deportivo Vs. CF Fuenlabrada. On Monday, it was time for the Galician club to present their position and the actions that have been taken.

In a long communicate the club was remembering that they were asking for the repetition of matchday 42, because they consider that the principle of equality was violated by not playing one of the eleven games composing matchday 42. They also point out that the competition committee resolved that they were unable to decide on this matter and passed the inquiry to the General Secretary of the federation.

At the same time, they requested a sanctioning file against FC Fuenlabrada for not fulfilling the rules of the federation. Deportivo point out that FC Fuenlabrada violated the COVID-19 protocols after flying to A Coruña despite having knowledge of positive cases at their squad, also the omission of sanitary measures as they put in danger people in A Coruña. The club remembers that these infractions have the penalty of suffering the demotion and also losing the game with a 3-0 score.

Deportivo also point out that FC Fuenlabrada travelled without a doctor to A Coruña, this because the doctor was one of the infected persons that stayed in Madrid, and they never informed about the matter. One of the rules of the federation is that each club must present a doctor in every meeting, and to fail to fulfill the measure means a fine and to lose the game with a 6-0 score.

Later Deportivo informed that they have requested three precautionary measures in their report to the federation. They request to suspend the results of matchday 42 for not fulfilling the measure of playing all the games with a unified kick-off time. The club also asks to freeze all the promotions and relegations of the season until resolving their sanctioning files.

The third precautionary measure is to request the expansion of the Segunda season 2020/21 to 24 teams. The communicate of Deportivo doesn’t openly talk of 24 teams, they only request the expansion of teams according to the number of clubs that had chances to stay in the league by the last matchday, which were 24 as CD Numancia and Deportivo arrived to the last matchday with chances to survive.

Finally, Deportivo remember that there’s a legal procedure opened by the city council of A Coruña, reason why the provincial prosecutor of A Coruña is already preparing a report that will be presented to Xunta de Galicia, the government of Madrid and the Superior Council of Sports (CSD), and that it will have additional consequences for the parties involved.



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