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30 Jul 2020
More weird things are occurring with FC Fuenlabrada, La Liga tried to move the team from A Coruña despite they still in a lockdown and the same club has requested to face Deportivo on Sunday.

It’s expected that on Thursday the Competition Committee of the Spanish Federation will release a statement about the case of FC Fuenlabrada. It’s already anticipated that it could be negative for the Madrilenians for the things that the judge already anticipated.

And it’s that judge Ricardo Esteban Díaz from the Competition Committee admitted at the beginning of the week that FC Fuenlabrada could have violated the rules, because the team made the trip to A Coruña without the safety measures of the COVID-19 protocols.

On Wednesday the committee made a series of interviews to players, agents, officials and other institutions in order to determine if the Madrilenian club broke the rules or not. The Committee will now decide if FC Fuenlabrada is guilty, the penalty is to lose the game with Deportivo and even to suffer the demotion to Segunda B.

In the meantime, FC Fuenlabrada’s squad is currently in A Coruña and remain in the spotlight, on Wednesday it was known that one of the top officers of La Liga, Roberto Bermúdez de Castro, traveled on Tuesday to Galicia and his intention was to fly back to Madrid together with the Madrilenian squad, off course the Galician government didn’t allow it as the lockdown period of 14 days hasn’t been completed.

And on Wednesday, FC Fuenlabrada released a statement informing that they are ready to play the game Vs. Deportivo starting this Sunday, and they argue that they have at least seven players from the first team available. This is another abnormality as they cannot do it, their latest positive cases were reported on July 25, and since that day the whole team must remain in isolation for 14 days and later all the players that want to take part of a game need a PCR test with a negative result 48 hours before playing, so in the best case scenario the game cannot be played before August 8.



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