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01 Aug 2020
The mess at Segunda continues. The competition committee rejected a preliminary report from a judge that was asking to give the game to FC Fuenlabrada as a defeat. For now, everything remains frozen, including the playoff.

On Thursday it was known the preliminary report from the judge that was handling the case CF Fuenlabrada at the Spanish Federation (RFEF). The judge reported that there are enough evidences to believe that the Madrilenian club committed several faults that could meant a punishment.

What called the attention is that the precaution measure proposed by this judge was to give the three points of the game to Deportivo. Normally a precaution measure is an action that tries to protect the integrity of all the parties involved, which could be to freeze an action like playing a football game.

But in this case, in a very unusual decision, the judge suggested an action that punishes CF Fuenlabrada. For many analysts, this suggest that the judge is convinced of the severity of the actions of CF Fuenlabrada. But one day later the competition committee rejected this precaution measure.

 Now the analysts believe that the competition committee made this decision in order to be more cautious as they want to avoid further demands. At the same time, the competition committee rejected the petition of La Liga about playing the game on August 2. This also indicates that the final resolution from the competition committee could take weeks.

And there’s no time to continue waiting, the situation remains complicated at Segunda División, because the playoff remains frozen. CF Fuenlabrada are seventh at the standings with the option to jump one place if the get a point in the game with Depor, for this reason the playoff cannot be played as the four participants aren’t decided yet.

The LFP was hoping to end the playoff by August 15, nut the deadline will hardly be fulfilled. Now there’s even a petition of CD Leganés in order to stay at Primera instead of the third promoted club from Segunda. In the case of Deportivo, the options of staying at Liga SmartBank are passing through the demotion of CF Fuenlabrada or to see all the parties involved, including CD Numancia, reaching an agreement to extend the number of participants to 24 for next season. About this possible scenario, the competition committee requested to La Liga and the Sporting Council for Sports the option of accepting a league with 24 participants.



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