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08 Aug 2020
End of a sad season, but at least with a smile. Deportivo retuned to old vices and only pushed within the final minutes to rescue a victory that can be useful.

The most scandalous game in the history of Deportivo still had a taste of shame reserved for Friday. Throughout the day it was reported that CF Fuenlabrada had two additional positive cases of COVID-19, it was later denied by the club, and in the end it was known that the Madrilenians only had 13 players, and only 7 from the first team, which is the minimal to play a game. This happened after 5 men were left in Madrid under mysterious circumstances.

Fernando Vázquez used the occasion to allow the debut of some men, thus Aleksandar Jovanović and Jorge Valín were making their debuts with Depor’s shirt. The draw was a 5-3-2 figure.

Jovanović was the starting goalie, Valin covered the right side in defence, the left was for Salva Ruiz, the central positions were covered by Álex Bergantiños, Javi Montero and Mujaid Sadick. Ager Aketxe, Borja Valle and Vicente Gómez performed at midfield, then Claudio Beauvue and Sabin Merino were the centre forwards.

As it could be expected, the game was slow and boring.  Depor had the ball the major part of the time, but the locals didn’t have any will to attack. CF Fuenlabrada showed some enthusiasm and found an early goal, it was a lateral free-kick action that ended with a poor clearance by Aleksandar Jovanović, then Path Ciss found the loose ball and scored with a low shot from the edge of the area.

Depor regained the control of the actions, though always without too much desire. Their first chance to score came at minute 16, it was a long distance shot of Borja Valle that went out. In the following ten minutes the locals showed to be an apathetic team, which is normal considering they were on vacation for the past two weeks.

Only the few counterattacks from CF Fuenlabrada added some excitement to this tasteless game. The first shot on target for Deportivo came until minute 28, Aketxe made the solo-play at the edge of the area and his drilling attempt was an easy catch for visiting goalie Álvaro Ruvira. The next chance to score was also for Borja Valle, he fired from the edge of the area and Ruvira barely deflected the ball (32’). Nothing more happened within the final fifteen minutes of the first half.

Depor were intense in the final part, much of it was related to the physical condition of the rival. Still, the Galicians only found the goals until the final ten minutes.

Deportivo had more will at the start of the second part, the first chance for the locals was a low shot from Aketxe that was cleared by Ruvira (50’). Then there was a possible penalty over Sabin Merino (54’).

Then the game returned to the path of the first half. Deportivo were still walking on the pitch, at times having the ball at the edge of the area, but later without trying to drill a pass into the box. Meanwhile, CF Fuenlabrada were again relying in the counterattack.

But little by little the Madrilenians were very tired and, with only two substitutions, they ended paying a high price. Vicente Gómez should have scored the equalizer at minute 61, but the crossed header of the Canarian midfielder went out. Then Vázquez made a triple substitution. Hugo Vallejo, Mollejo and Iago Gandoy replaced Valín, Salva Ruiz and Montero.

Deportivo were already deserving the equalizer, and Sabin Merino was close to find the back of the net, but his crossed header in a corner-kick action went close to the post (62’).Then Borja Valle had a new opportunity, the attacker headed the ball after the corner-kick and the ball went over the crossbar (70’)

The final substitution was the entry of Keko Gontán for Borja Valle, and Depor were suddenly attacking a rival that was nervous. The equalizer arrived in an error of goalkeeper Ruvira, it was a corner-kick action in which Aketxe released a short cross, the keeper failed to clear the ball and it hit the body of Claudio Beauvue and went in.

Without too much effort, Deportivo saw thar the victory was there, and Mollejo could have scored the second goal, but his header was a corner-kick went out by inches (86’). It seemed that the last chance was going to be for Aketxe with a shot from inside the area that went over the crossbar (90+2’).

But fate had a cruel plan for CF Fuenlabrada. Because at the last minute of the added time, defender José Fran hit the ball with the arm and the referee whistled the penalty after checking it on the VAR. Beauvue had a discussion with Aketxe and ended scoring from the spot.

The must unreal game in the history of Deportivo. The rival only had 13 players after a new polemic tri of CF Fuenlabrada to A Coruña. And the Madrilenians had the victory inside the pocket until Deportivo pulled the same pride of past games to score twice within the final ten minutes. The Galicians are relegated to Segunda B despite adding 51 points, but a lot still to be said on the courthouse after the disastrous decision had on matchday 42.

Deportivo: (5-3-2) Jovanović – Valín (Vallejo 61’), Mujaid, Álex Bergantiños, Montero (Iago Gandoy 61’), Salva Ruiz (Mollejo 61’) – Aketxe, Borja Valle (Keko 83’), Vicente – Beavue, Sabin Merino.
Fuenlabrada: (4-4-2) Ruvira - Jeisson, Nteka, Claveria, José Rodríguez - Pathe, Jose Fran, Caye Quintana, Fernandez – Alberto (Guti 83’), Peteiro.
Goals: 0-1: (10) Pathé Ciss, 1-1: (83’) Beauvue, 2-1: (90+4’) Beauvue (penalty)
Referee: Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos. He showed yellow card to Aketxe (2’), Borja Valle (39’) & Nteka (42’)
VAR Official: Luis Mario Milla Alvendiz. He indicated a penalty for Depor (90+3’)
Venue: Riazor
Other statistics: Ball possession (75% - 25%); Attempts to score (9 – 1); Total shots (25 – 6); Shots on target (6 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 – 4); Corner-kicks (14 - 2); Offsides (0 - 1); Fouls committed (13 – 14); Passing accuracy (83% - 60%)



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