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09 Aug 2020
The coach and the players expressed their feelings after ending the season without knowing what’s going to happen to Deportivo.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was discharging his anger for what has happened with this game, “When I was riding the bus to the stadium, I felt ashamed of what was going to happen at the stadium. The match can be taken as a success of Spanish football, because it managed to finish the competition, but the price paid by the organization is disappointing. I felt ashamed. That a team that has passed the coronavirus and others that was on vacation had to play a game is pitiful. We play it out of obligation. If not, the consequences could be tremendous. We fulfilled what we promised to Elche and I’m proud of that. My players set an example and played a decent game."

Later, the Galician coach was talking of Depor’s demands after not been able to play the matchday at the same time than the rest of clubs, "La Liga, the Federation and the CSD don’t want to answer if there was a violation. This is the greatest lie of football and I am completely disappointed. I call the rest of the teams because they should understand our situation. Here someone made a mistake and it wasn’t Deportivo. And they didn’t have the wisdom or the humility to fix it, seeking the lesser evil for everyone."

He had some strong words towards CF Fuenlabrada, "I'm not going to talk about Fuenlabrada. I could say something, that they accuse Depor of going against the interests of Fuenla. No, Depor protects their rights. If someone didn’t comply with any rule and has to be demoted... Depor don’t ask for demotions, the club asks for the league of 24 teams. But Fuenlabrada weren’t innocent either. I am not saying this because of the pandemic, I am very sorry for what happened, but from Fuenlabrada there are two complaints against Depor, against two people. Therefore, they don't seem innocent of everything. I'm not talking about the team, the players, I'm talking about Fuenlabrada as an organization.”

Borja Valle talked of the game and left a message of good-bye, "I wouldn’t have liked to win five to zero, we don’t want to be part of this matter. We have shown that we aren’t participants in this circus, we have shown that we are professionals, it hurts me that we cannot be higher, I am proud of this group and of this club. We are defending very clear things and this club is great for these things. It’s a victory of justice and of having them fatter than anyone.”

Claudio Beauvue scored a brace and explained what he had to live in order to arrive in time for the game, “I quickly caught a plane to Paris. Then another to Madrid and then to A Coruña by car. It's been a lot of time traveling, but it's worth it. It’s our passion and we play games to enjoy, be it good or bad. Football brings us moments like this.”

José Ramón Sandoval was upset for the last-minute penalty whistled in favour of Deportivo, “It isn’t penalty. The whistled it from Madrid. It saddens me that it’s like that, but I am proud of the work they have done because they have left everything on the field.”

At the same time. Fuenlabrada’s coach was defending Álex Bergantiños, "It’s impossible to get angry with someone who is an excellent person. I wanted to reach out to a person whose career is immaculate and who has been a victim of this. He has been forced to live something, because of the leak of a partner and it isn’t right."



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