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17 Aug 2020
The LFP and CF Fuenlabrada seem desperate, both entities have been releasing press clips accusing many people of several crimes, but without evidences and neither solid arguments.

After the report of the judge of the Competition Committee went public on Saturday, now the Committee itself has the last world as they have to vote in order to accept it or not, also the Superior Council for Sports (CSD) has to validate or not the petition of CD Numancia and Deportivo regarding suspending LFP president Javier Tebas, this based in the fact that the lawyer of CF Fuenlabrada is Tebas’s son, and clearly they are using the LFP in order to attack anyone going after the Madrilenian club.

And between Saturday and Sunday, the LFP and CF Fuenlabrada responded to the strong comments on the judge’s report, and beyond been a solid defence, it seems more as a desperate attempt to attack almost any instance in order to save themselves.

On Saturday, the president of CF Fuenlabrada, Jonathan Praena, went to every radio station in Madrid in order to defend his club. And instead of presenting solid arguments, he was really upset and threatened with demands against almost any instance inside the RFEF, including president Luis Rubiales, judge Ricardo Esteban Díaz and even accused Deportivo for “falsifying evidence” in this case.

Later CF Fuenlabrada presented a press clip in which they said nasty things about judge Jonathan Praena, one of the most bizarre accusations is a calligraphy performed by an expert in which they argue that the final report of judge Ricardo Esteban Díaz was not written by him, but by Miguel García Cava, who is the Vice-Secretary of the Federation. A curiosity of this report is that it was paid by La Liga and not by the Madrilenian club, another solid argument to suspended Tebas from his role as president.

And on Sunday, the LFP also attacked judge Ricardo Esteban Díaz, they argue that he is not “qualified for this role” and also insinuated one club in La Liga has falsified evidence in this case, they didn’t mention the name of this club.

One of the most demolishing arguments of the judge’s report is the declarations of Juan Manuel Blanco, the doctor of CF Fuenlabrada, who testified that the club was aware of the four positive cases before the trip to A Coruña and that he recommended not to make the trip, and that it wasn’t heard by the club’s officials and neither by the LFP.

CF Fuenlabrada tried to remove this statement from the final report, but the judge didn’t allow it. And on Sunday, knowing the impact of this testimony, they released an additional press clip in which the same doctor was saying that his words were “misinterpreted” and arguing that he wasn’t advised by a lawyer at the moment of the testimony. The reality is that he was a witness and the presence of a lawyer isn’t needed, and also that there’s a report signed by him in which he testifies the same things said in the interview with the judge.



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