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19 Aug 2020
Deportivo is making moves in order to pressure in the conflict with CF Fuenlabrada. The club sent a letter to the other clubs complaining of how La Liga is handling the situation and Álex is ready to present a demand against the police.

On Tuesday, Deportivo made a step forward and left the passive attitude of the previous days. First to all, the club sent a letter to the other clubs and to Javier Tebas himself. Deportivo ask why La Liga is using the common resources in order to defend CF Fuenlabrada when this a conflict that involves other clubs from the same organization.

The Galician club also remembers that the son of Tebas is the lawyer of CF Fuenlabrada and this is a clear conflict of interests in which La Liga should stay sidelined. Deportivo points out that La Liga should be defending the competition and its’ integrity, and not a single club that’s part of it.

Deportivo goes beyond this and also remembers that La Liga presented a demand against Álex Bergantiños, and that the police only needed 10 hours to fly to A Coruña and arrest him, and later a judge described this action as fraudulent and a waste of resources.

At the same time, on Tuesday it was known that Álex Bergantiños will demand the police for his detention. It was also known that his phone (an Iphone 8) was confiscated and never returned for a frame of two weeks, and that the police only replied that they cannot send the phone back, because it would mean a “waste of resources”. In the end the brother of the player had to pick the phone in Madrid. Newspaper El País also reported that two Police Unions are studying to   join Depor’s captain on his demand.

Then legal advisor Antonio Armenteros talked to several reporters. He was criticizing La Liga and CF Fuenlabrada for not revealing the positive cases at the Madrilenian team, “Why have Fuenlabrada and the League done this? I have it very clear. If in the previous days they show what was happening, no one should have doubts that the whole matchday was going to be postponed. There would be no doubts. That’s why they hide it, until there is no reaction time and leave the game Deportivo-Fuenlabrada alone without playing. And in that case the only injured party is Depor, because we find this an hour and a half before the game, with no room for reaction. Now we ask for the demotion of Fuenlabrada, but previously we were also in favor of a solution that could satisfy everyone. But since La Liga has closed every possible road, we have no other possibility than that.”

He was also firing against La Liga for only defending the interests of CF Fuenlabrada, “They are defending one of the associates against the others and that doesn't make any sense. It is something that they have to explain to us well. Why is the League turning to defend one associate against others? Deportivo is as associated as Fuenlabrada. Why does the League have to defend one against the other? The bosses have to be one more spectator.”



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