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20 Aug 2020
The battle to stay at Segunda might take another month, and with the competition set to start at the middle of September, it leaves Depor in a new battle, this time against the clock in order to build up a squad according to the competition.

Deportivo is fighting against the clock. The report of the Competition Committee judge was presented during the weekend, in 45 pages he listed the errors and omissions committed by CF Fuenlabrada in their failed trip to A Coruña, and his recommendation is the relegation of the Madrilenian club. If the sanction is confirmed, then Depor will stay at Segunda División.

Right now there’s a period of ten days for allegations, then the Competition Committee will give its verdict, and no matter what the decision is, the case with reach the Appeal Committee and then the Sporting Court (TAD) and maybe the regular justice.

So, at least a month will pass before having a resolution, and the problem is that the LFP was hoping to start the league at Primera and Segunda at the middle of September. Right now, the RFEF hasn’t even closed the season 2019/20 and therefore the calendars for the new campaign aren’t available yet.

And for Deportivo the situation is more chaotic for now knowing in which league they will play. The Primera and Segunda clubs are starting their pre-season campaigns, and the Galicians don’t even have a squad to train. The sporting direction is tied as it cannot plan the near future without knowing the resources that will be available.

There are several players under contract and all of them are waiting to see what happens, because in case of a demotion to Segunda B, then they will be released. This is already causing problems, like the case with Sabin Merino.

The striker was signed at the middle of January, the contract was lasting until 2022 with a clause that allows his return to CD Leganés in case of relegation. The Madrilenian club announced during the weekend that they were recovering the attacker, but this will only create a legal conflict with Deportivo if the Galicians end staying at the second tier.

In the end, with the competition settle to start at the middle of September, the only operation completed by Deportivo is the transfer of Vasileios Lampropoulos to VfL Bochum, which was reported as a zero-cost transfer that includes incentives.



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