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26 Aug 2020
The RFEF and the LFP have increased the intensity of the war, to the point that that CSD has finally decided to come out and meditate. In the middle CD Numancia and Deportivo are waiting for a solution that could be made on Thursday.

The conflict of CD Numancia and Deportivo with La Liga (LFP) after what happened in the last matchday at Segunda División  has now reached the Superior Council for Sports (CSD), and it can be also interpreted as a new chapter of the wat between Javier Tebas and Luis Rubiales.

Both have been in a war against each other since Rubiales became president of the Spanish Federation (RFEF). And both entities have had opposite positions in the conflict of Segunda División, because the LFP has been trying to wash away their responsibility with the positive cases at CF Fuenlabrada and move one without solving the demands of Depor and CD Numancia, and the Federation is more open to reconcile all the interests and also apply punishments against CF Fuenlabrada.

And the conflict raised the level starting last weekend. Sportpaper Sport reported on Sunday that the LFP was ready to delay the whole matchday 42 at Segunda after the positive cases of CF Fuenlabrada were revealed, and that the final decision to play all the games except the one at the Riazor was taken between the LFP, the RFEF and the CSD.

The RFEF replied and assured that it was all “fake news”, they attacked the journalist that presented the news and assured that the LFP only wanted to delay four games and that the final decision was taken without the entire information as La Liga hided the number and the dates in which the cases were detected.

On Monday, things became harder as the RFEF released a press clip in which they attacked the LFP. La Liga was trying to hurry up the draw of the calendar at Primera and Segunda División, and the RFEF argued that it isn’t possible to do it without solving first the demands of Deportivo and CD Numancia, plus knowing the resolution of the Competition Committee against CF Fuenlabrada expected for Monday.

The RFEF also wants the intervention of the CSD as they need a guidance in order to schedule the calendar of the season 2020/21, after all the pandemic is still on and the Federation need certainty of what the government is going to do ahead of a new possible lockdown.

The RFEF also menaced to take legal actions against Tebas and La Liga if they were going to insist in making the draw of the calendar, and also menaced the clubs if they were supporting this position, the Federation menaced with disciplinary measures through FIFA and the UEFA.

The response of the LFP was defiant, only a few hours after the communicate from the RFEF was released, they released their own press clip assuring that the draw of the calendar at Primera and Segunda was going to be made on Thursday. Several clubs like CD Lugo and Villarreal CF confirmed their position towards La Liga.

 A new chapter of the war was open, and that’s why the CSD had to intervene. On Monday’s night Radio Cadena Cope talked to a source inside the CSD and they confirmed that the calendar can only be settled by a consensus between both La Liga and the RFEF. And a key thing was also that the source confirmed that it is the RFEF the one that must decide how many teams should play in the leagues and that the case against CF Fuenlabrada must remain open until been resolved by the Competition Committee.

This means good news for Deportivo as it increases the chances of staying at the second tier. And on Tuesday, the CSD announced that they have requested a meeting between them, the LFP and the RFEF in order to sort the calendar. The CSD assured that “the calendar will come out from this meeting without any doubt”, what they meant in this phrase is that the dates for the games will be decided in this meeting and that also implies to decide how many clubs will be play at Segunda División.

All of this means that Deportivo and CD Numancia will know in which league they will play after this reunion. There still some doubts like what will happen if CF Fuenlabrada is demoted in the resolution of the Competition Committee expected for Monday, but at least this meeting is a big advance in order to fix the mess.



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