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28 Aug 2020
There wasn’t an agreement between La Liga and the LFP, but the CSD unblocked the situation and the next Segunda season will be played with 22 teams. Depor will play at Segunda B, but will go to court to defend their rights.

The nefarious season of Deportivo and now the “strange” decisions of the sporting instances are pushing Deportivo into Segunda B. On Thursday, the meeting between the Spanish Federation (RFEF) and La Liga (LFP) turned to be useless, because everything was already decided between the government and the LFP.

And it’s that Superior Council for Sports (CSD), instance that should be an intermediary, ended been favourable to the LFP. It is suspicious, especially after a month ago this instance released a hard letter against the LFP criticizing the way the case with CF Fuenlabrada was treated.

Then there was silence, until the CSD made their move. On Wednesday, one day before the meeting took place, the Sports Arbitration Court (TAD), instance that depends on the CSD, surprisingly informed that the Competition Committee of the RFEF was no longer the instance that should judge the case against CF Fuenlabrada, instead it should be the Court of La Liga, which turned to be a joke as they closed the case without even resolving the allegations from Deportivo.

The biggest surprise on this situation was that the Competition Committee was pushed out without even accepting an allegation from the RFEF. They just shut out everything and gave the reason to the LFP, clearly both sides were now the best allies.

By Thursday, the meeting was just a mere formality. The RFEF was still insisting in a Segunda with 24 clubs, but La Liga only wanted 22 and the CSD was the turning point as it was them, lead by their president, Irene Lozano, who changed the tide as her instance decided to support La Liga. A fact to have in mind is that the representative of the CSD in the meeting was Joaquin Arístegui, who turned ot have a son working at the LFP.

So, the meeting in order to reach an agreement tuned to be an imposition of conditions. A curiosity is that, early on Thursday, it was informed that Lozano phoned the major of A Coruña, Inés Rey [both are from the same party, PSOE] and she promised “investments” in the city as a way of compensation. The Major denounced this talking to reporters and said that “A Coruña is not for sale”. There was only silence from Lozano about this matter.

The club seems to be accepting the fact of playing at Segunda B, mainly because the deadlines are around the corner with the Segunda season set to start in two weeks, but the club will not end the fight here as it will take the case to ordinary justice.

The chances of succeeding in ordinary justice are promising, but it doesn’t guarantee that the club will play at Segunda on this season, instead the most probably benefit will be a compensation and the obligation of putting back the club at Segunda for the following season.

At the same time, the club release an instatement in which they confirmed their position. Deportivo also pointed out to journalists, clubs and government members that have been hostile with the club, the message for them is “we will remember”.



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