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08 Sep 2020
The court rejected the petition of Deportivo and CD Numancia, so both clubs will remain at Segunda B. But the case stills on and now even Tebas is under investigation.

Deportivo and CD Numancia lost the final battle in order to play at Segunda División during the season 2020/21. The Central Court of Administrative Litigation of Madrid has rejected the petition to freeze the start of the Segunda tournament as measure of caution, this was a petition made by Depor on last week.

The reason to reject the petition is that, according to the Court, it isn’t proven that the interest invoked in the petition could prevail over the public interest consisting of the temporary development of the competitions. Also, the Court consider that the economic damages suffered by both clubs, which are still hypothetical at the present time, can be quantifiable, and for this reason it can be economically compensable.

It doesn’t mean that Deportivo and CD Numancia have lost the war against La Liga, only that the Court cannot affect the interests of the other clubs while it determines if both clubs are right. The competition at Segunda starts on this weekend, so everything will remain the same, though it isn’t clear what could happen if the Court ends up giving the reason to the relegated clubs.

And it’s that it was also known that the Minister of Culture and Sports has ordered the Superior Council for Sports (CSD), instance that has been helping La Liga, to sent the whole information that has been recollected to the prosecution in order to determine if president Javier Tebas has committed crimes related to his relation with Fuenlabrada CF.

Also, the Central Court of Administrative Litigation of Madrid has ordered the CSD to respond in three days to the case presented by Deportivo, it calls the attention because normally the parties have ten days for allegations, but now the Court is only giving three days. This indicates that they are hurrying the investigations and a final resolution should be ready before the end of 2020.

If Deportivo and CD Numancia succeed, then there’s the chance they could be reinstalled at Segunda División plus receiving a compensation, but then the question is when they will be readmitted, and the most probably answer is next season as the campaign 2020/21 will be already on. It’s also about to be seen if the prosecution will dare to open a case against Tebas.



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