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12 Sep 2020
The club launched the socios campaign 2020/21. For now, the season ticket holders have to pay €50, and later it will depend in the presence of public at the stadium

Deportivo launched on Wednesday the socios campaign 2020/21. It’s a different scheme taking in mind the current circumstances with the pandemic. There are two phases, in the first all the socios have to pay €50 in order to keep their membership with the club. This price is the same for anyone no matter the location at the stadium.

The second phase will depend in the presence of public at the Riazor. The amount to pay for each socio will depend on their location at the Riazor and the number of home matches that will be available with public at the stands. If the health authorities allow to use the full capacity of the stadium, then the club will simply calculate the fee according to the number of games that remain in schedule minus the €50 paid in the first phase.

If the health authorities don’t allow to use the full capacity of the stadium, then the socio wanting to attend to a game will have to pay for a single ticket, and the calculation will come from dividing the cost of the annual subscription by the number of games in the entire season.

The process to select who can attend to the home games in case that only part of the stadium is open will depend of the “protector program”. Back in July, the club launched a program that was called “protector”, which allowed the socios to reject the refund from the matches not attended on last season, and in exchange to have a discount and a priority on the new campaign plus other incentives.

In case the number of persons cleared to attend to the games is inferior to the number of the protector program, then the club will have to fix a criterion in order to select who can watch the games. Also, in case the season ends without the presence of fans at the stadium, then the only price to be paid is the €50 charged in the first phase.

By Thursday, the club reported that, in 24 hours, the number of subscribers was 4,924. The campaign has been called “Espirito95” as a celebration for the 25 years from the first trophy of Deportivo, the Copa Del Rey.



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