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15 Sep 2020
Winger José Lara was presented to the fans. He explained his position on the field and talked of the Segunda B tournament.

José Lara was presented on Monday before the first training session. He was commented his arrival to Deportivo, “I was willing to join this club. I always keep the faith of coming because, no matter the league where we are, Depor is a team of Primera and we are willing to put back the team at Segunda.”

Later the Andalusian attacker was asked about his position on the field, “I am a polyvalent footballer, I can play in any position in attack, but it’s true that where I feel more comfortable is on the left, but the coach will have a player that he can put whenever he wants.”

He was explaining the conversation that he had before joining Depor and that helped to make this choice, “I had the opportunity to talk with Carlos Fernández, and he helped me to make the decision. Everything has been fine.”

Lara also said that he hasn’t talked too much with Fernando Vázquez, “I didn’t have the pleasure to talk too much with the coach, for now I guess he will ask a lot of work for me, and he will have it. I will like to demonstrate it.”

The winger was asked if he imagined that Depor can end up at Segunda B, “This is football, and anything can happen. Truly I never expected to see Depor out of the first two leagues, but we must go step by step, and for now the minimal thing is the promotion, it’s complicated, but we are targeting it.”

Finally, Lara talked of the uncertainty due to the current situation and the lack of information on how the Segunda B tournament is going to be played, “It will be a complicated season, but I am convinced that, with the union inside the changing room, and despite not been a normal league, the team will do the first phase and will face every game with everything. At this club, we will be the first ones that will give everything in order to clinch the goal.” 




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