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17 Sep 2020
The RFEF announced the calendar of Liga Iberdrola for the season 2020/21. Depor Ladies will open and close the tournament facing Athletic Club.

The Spanish Federation (RFEF) released the calendar for Liga Iberdrola 2020/21. It’s the second season at the elite for Depor Ladies. The novelty is that the number of participants has been increased to 18 after the suspension of the relegations on the previous campaign.

It’s the same system with two rounds and now with 34 matchdays, the modification is that there will be four relegations instead of two. To have in mind that the first eight positions by the end of the first round (matchday 17) will be the ones that will dispute the Copa de La Reina.

Depor’s Ladies calendar for the season 2020/21:

04/Oct/2020: Athletic Club v Deportivo (matchday 01)
11/Oct/2020:  Depor Ladies v Real Sociedad (matchday 02)
18/Oct/2020:  RCD Espanyol v Depor Ladies (matchday 03)
01/Nov/2020: Depor Ladies v CD Santa Teresa (matchday 04)
04/Nov/2020: Real Madrid v Depor Ladies (matchday 05)
08/Nov/2020: Depor Ladies v Sevilla CF (matchday 06)
11/Nov/2020: Rayo Vallecano v Depor Ladies (matchday 07)
15/Nov/2020: Levante UD v Depor Ladies (matchday 08)
22/Nov/2020: Depor Ladies v Atlético Madrid (matchday 09)
06/Dec/2020: SD Eibar v Depor Ladies (matchday 10)
13/Dec/2020: Depor Ladies v CDEF Logroño (matchday 11)
19/Dec/2020: Madrid CFF v Deportivo (matchday 12)
22/Dec/2020: Depor Ladies v FC Barcelona (matchday 13)
06/Jan/2021: UDG Tenerife v Depor Ladies (matchday 14)
10/Jan/2021: Depor Ladies v Real Betis (matchday 15)
24/Jan/2021: Valencia CF v Depor Ladies (matchday 16)
27/Jan/2021: Depor Ladies v Sporting Club Huelva (matchday 17)

31/Jan2021: Depor Ladies v Levante UD (matchday 18)
07/Feb/2021: CD Santa Teresa v Depor Ladies (matchday 19)
10/Feb/2021: Depor Ladies v SD Eibar (matchday 20)
07/Mar/2021: Real Sociedad v Depor Ladies (matchday 21)
14/Mar/2021: Depor Ladies v Rayo Vallecano (matchday 22)
21/Mar2021: CDEF Logroño v Depor Ladies (matchday 23)
28/Mar/2021: Depor Ladies v Real Madrid (matchday 24)
04/Apr/2021: Atlético Madrid v Depor Ladies (matchday 25)
18/Apr/2021: FC Barcelona v Depor Ladies (matchday 26)
25/Apr/2021: Depor Ladies v Valencia CF (matchday 27)
02/May/2021: Depor Ladies v Madrid CFF (matchday 28)
09/May/2021: Sevilla CF v Depor Ladies (matchday 29)
16/May/2021: Depor Ladies v RCD Espanyol (matchday 30)
23/May/2021: Sporting Club Huelva v Depor Ladies (matchday 31)
06/Jun/2021: Depor Ladies v UDG Tenerife (matchday 32)
20/Jun/2021: Real Betis v Deportivo (matchday 33)
27/Jun/2021: Depor Ladies v Athletic Club (matchday 34)



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