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27 Sep 2020
Victory in the first friendly of the pre-season. Deportivo had a discrete first half, and improved a lot in the second, frame when the goals arrived.

Fernando Vázquez started to polish what seems to be a 4-4-2 scheme to be implemented on this season. There were two Fabril’s players that were starters, Javi Sanmartín and Adrián Castro, also Álvaro Queijeiro, who is on trial.

The game had a high pace despite been the first friendly game of the season for both teams, with both sides attempting quick transitions and with Racing Villabés dominating the ball possession since the kick-off. Starting at minute 20, Depor claimed the ball and spent more time on the opposite side of the field, though without creating a chance to score.

The first chances to score in the game were for the locals, both through shots of Dani Pedrosa that were cleared by Carlos Abad (29’ & 35’). The first chance for Deportivo was a cross of Valín that was connected by Javi Sanmartín and local goalie Javi Pita made the save (40’).

For the second half, Fernando Vázquez made eight modifications, only Gandoy, Nacho González and Adrián Castro stayed on the pitch. Depor dominated the actions in the final part and the first goal came after local goalie Rumbo could only deflect a shot of Adrián Castro and José Lara scored with a crossed shot.

Then Miku replaced Nacho González. Then the second goal arrived in a corner-kick action. Keko released a precise cross that Adrián Castro found at the box and the striker scored with a downward header.

Deportivo looked more dangerous in the second half, mainly attacking on the left wing through Keko Gontán. There were several dangerous crosses from that side. But the third goal arrived in a play on the right flank, a high cross from that sector ended in a confusing play at the edge of the area and a foul was whistled, then Celso Borges scored with a clinical volley in the free-kick. The Central American was close to score the fourth, but his shot from outside the area hit the post (83’)

Racing Villalbés: (4-2-3-1) Javi Pita - Diego López, David Buyo, David Vérez, Bruno – Caballero, Javi Varela - Jose Varela, Make, Santi Gegunde - Dani Pedrosa.
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Carlos Abad (Alberto 46’) – Valín (Bóveda 46’), Juan Rodríguez (Borja Granero 46’), Álex (Mujaid 46’), Héctor Hernández (Salva Ruiz 46’) – Sanmartín (Keko 56’), Queijeiro (Borges 46’), Gandoy, Nacho González (Miku 61’) – Rui Costa (Lara 46’), Adrián Castro.
Goals: 0-1 (60’) Lara, 0-2: (65’) Adrián Castro, 0-3 (77’) Borges.
Venue: A Magdalena



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