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10 Oct 2020
As the pre-season is ending, coach Fernando Vázquez addressed the media and talked of his conclusions ahead of the league season. He believes the tam isn’t ready to show it’s real potential.

On Friday, coach Fernando Vázquez addressed the media in order to give his impressions and conclusions of the pre-season. He explained that several players aren’t at their best moment, and even that some will miss the first game in liga. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The role of Adri Castro: “I don’t know yet, he will have to earn it. But Rui Costa won’t be available for the first game. If you ask me for the first game, then I can tell you that he is a lad that will stay with us and will alternate between Fabril and the first team.  I want to see him demonstrating that he can earn a place at the first team. It depends on him.”

Valorization of the team: “I'm happy with the staff that we managed to gather. It’s a very good squad. At the individual level, they are important players, and now we are going to be able to see how we can form a team. It’s going to depend on how they connect, if they can be a good group. This is my job to help make that joint invulnerable. I think the fish are good, and now let's see how the meal is.”

 Depor’s level in the first meeting: “There are players who aren’t at an ideal competitive level. There are some that we know aren’t going to be ready. We are going to check if they are healthy, but the level of form is different. We aren’t going to reach the first game with all the players at 100%, It isn’t going to represent all our potential, because there are footballers who aren’t ready to participate for 90 minutes.”

Diego Rolan: “It was a surprise for me, but a positive one, because he is a footballer who marks a difference. I talked to him and he’s willing to help Deportivo during these moments. Another situation is his legal state. At the moment he doesn’t have permission to work, he has spent many months without training in a group and his situation needs to be carried with prudence at the level of trainings and also that he has to fix what he has to fix.”

Players available for the first game: “We are going to have on everyone healthy. Borja Galán is almost ready. Salva Ruiz had a little overload and we agreed that for next week he could train with the team. Rui Costa could be worse, but has spent a lot of time working with the team. Sanmartín could participate, but the normal thing is that his first game will be with Fabril.”

Iago Gandoy: “He's a kid who can play perfectly at midfield, in any position at midfield. He is able to perform either as 8 or as 10. He has to work hard and he doesn’t fail in that regard. We are waiting a lot from him. I know where he likes to play, but he can also have other options.”

The scheme of the team: “I have spent some time reflecting. I train different systems because the games present different schemes. The 4-4-2 is the base system and from there modifications can be made. I have many possibilities and I don’t have to discard any system.”

Advantages of 4-4-2: “I foresaw that we would have strikers of the highest level, and the possibility of using two strikers is there. I’ve in my head the idea and will adapt the team to it, but we can also play with two strikers without been a 4-4-2.”

The 4-3-3: “In order to dominate a game you need at least three midfielders. It’s normal that, in games like the one at Pasarón, when we had problems of association it was when we had the ball. But with Borges, Nacho and Gandoy in possession of the ball, it is more normal. With the 4-4-2 football of domination is more complicated.”
Did you want to reinforce the left wing? “No, because Lara adapts to that position and he isn’t a player that releases crosses for the strikers, instead has inner combinatorial capacity. Keko perfectly plays on the right. If we could have one, then we would be more complete, but we won’t miss that reinforcement.”

Strengths and shortcomings of this Depor: “To judge the potential of the team, you have to see all the footballers in their plenitude. In this case, we are far from reaching our potential. Uche, Borges, Rui Costa and others aren’t at the top. We will have to wait about a month or so for these players to feel like footballers in excellent shape. We aren’t going to start the league with 100% potential, no way.”
What does it mean to be a good team in Segunda B? “That the team is invulnerable and that it has solutions to win the games. But above all not to lose matches .”

Favoritism of Depor: “Borges already said that the shirt doesn’t win games. All the players that are here are well known. And it always happens that when they are well-known players, you think the team is going to be extraordinary, but since we don't know the rivals, what happens is that we undervalue them. In Segunda B there are great players. But we tend to think that everything is going to be golden. But we behave thinking that we are going to win without going down from the bus, and we would be wrong. Each game is going to be very tough and difficult. We have a great responsibility and a tremendous burden, because we cannot fail. We have to play some one-leg rounds. Neither Nadal nor Djokovic, who are the undisputed world number one, win every game. If we lose a match in the final phase and we would be missing the promotion for losing a match. It's tremendous.”

The competition system: “To analyze the competition system is depressing, because the system is pathetic. I cannot understand how all the standings of a group are dragged to the next phase. It breaks the principle of equality. Not all groups are the same. It would be possible for a champion in one group to have fewer points than a second or third place in another group, and there are no chances of qualification then. I would understand that only the points added against those who qualify are dragged, but not all, I don’t understand the reason. It looks insane. I cannot understand it, because is unequal. It could be different. The fans must understand the position we are in. Let the difficulties be understood. Deportivo have to win all the matches and add 54 points to take the maximum possible for the second phase. Someone will have a tremendous disadvantage in the second phase.”



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