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13 Oct 2020
The competition starts this weekend and the negative conclusions are bigger than the positive notes. Clearly, Depor are not ready to compete and cannot be considered as the team to beat in the league.

The seven conclusions from the pre-season of Deportivo:

1- The base for the system: two strikers: Deportivo has switched from the system with three centre-backs saw on last season to a 4-4-2 scheme with two strikers. Fernando Vázquez said at the end of last week that, beyond been the system to be implemented, the idea is to always play with two strikers, though the other positions could be changed. This means he could opt in using a 3-5-2 with two full-backs, or even a 4-3-3 (4-3-1-2) with an attacker performing behind two strikers.

2- The team is not tactically ready: If the friendly games demonstrated something is that the players haven’t digested yet the tactical ideas of the coach. The big win over CSD Arzúa (5-0) occurred because the rival had no tactic in the game, they just spent the time defending inside their area, something that made things easy for Los Blanquiazules. But Depor left a grey impression in the following games, and it was because the rival had a tactic that was used throughout the meeting.

Bergantiños CF (0-0) and Pontevedra CF (2-1) were putting pressure at midfield and blocked the passing lanes, and with that simple tactic Deportivo looked flat in attack. And against Valladolid Promesas (0-2), the high pressure turned to be deadly and caused the only defeat on the pre-season. Deportivo are not ready to face a rival capable of keeping a tactic throughout a match.

3- Several players are out of shape: It’s not a secret that several players aren’t in shape to compete, the coach himself admits it. But still, it’s something to be worried. For the opening game in liga, at least 8 of the 21 players at the squad aren’t in the best conditions to play. Starting with the men that have been injured: Nacho González, Salva Ruiz, Borja Galán and Rui Costa. Then the men that are out of shape for arriving late to the pre-season stage: Borges, Uche Agbo, Miku and Rolan. It’s an important setback, especially since the first round is short.

4- Depor are not the team to beat: The media has been trying to install the idea in the mind of the fans that Deportivo are the team to beat at Segunda B. But that’s only fiction. Depor have important players and is a team that aspires to fight for promotion, but apart from punctual cases like Keko Gontán, the team doesn’t have differential players that should make a big difference, and that was proved in the pre-season. The fact of having the biggest history doesn’t transform the team into an unbeatable rival.

5- The academy will have minutes: The short squad, and the fact that several players are out of shape, invites to think that Fabril’s players are going to have minutes on the league season, at least in the first round. There were two promotions from the B squad (Valin and Gandoy), and now Javi Sanmartin, Adri Castro and Juan Rodriguez are the main candidates to reinforce the team in case the coach needs it. Actually, Adri Castro will probably have minutes in the opening game with Salamanca CF.

6- Players on their natural positions: Fernando Vázquez had to improvise on last season putting some of his players in functions that weren’t their natural positions on the field (Nolaskoain, Álex, Bóveda…). But now he is more open to avoid these improvisations. As example Álex Bergantiños, who has been used as a centre midfielder during the friendly games. Truly the coach tested a figure with two side defenders on each side during the friendly at Pontevedra CF, but it was more because he was testing the possibility of a 3-5-2 figure with fullbacks. The exception could be Iago Gandoy, who has been tested playing attached to the wings when he is more used to play at the centre.

7- Beware of the B squads: The coaches with experience at Segunda B have always warned of the presence of B squads. They always said that the league is complex, because you are facing a senior team with a low pace and suddenly you end up playing with a team full of lads with a lot of energy. It’s like been alternating between two leagues, and Depor already had a taste of it during the friendly with Valladolid Promesas and their high pressure. In the first round Depor will only meet one B squad: Celta B. But there are three possible B squads in the other subgroup that will be rivals in the second round: Sporting B, Oviedo B & Valladolid Promesas.



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