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16 Oct 2020
Fabril will play again at Tercera División, now with Valerón as the coach and with a new facelift as only three players are staying compared to the previous campaign.

Fabril debut on Sunday at Tercera División, it’s the first game of Juan Carlos Valerón commanding the team in a campaign that seems more like a trap rather than the beginning of an era. It’s hard to predict what to expect from the season, starting with the point that it’s a transition season in which the best possible scenario is to stay at the fourth tier of Spanish football, and the worse is to suffer a double demotion.

That lack of an ambitious goal leaves the attention in only trying to form players for a first team that’s at Segunda B. Another big concern is the situation with the pandemic, during the week the team had to halt the training sessions due to a positive case among the coaching staff, it’s the second opportunity that this occurs within the last month.

The other clubs in the league, mainly the ones in the Galician group, menaced in boycotting the start of the campaign as they wanted financial support in order to make the COVID tests, in the end the Galician federation had to confirm the financial aid of the Spanish Federation and the games are going to be played. Shorty, it’s a season of uncertainty.

In the middle of all this, a new facelift at the squad. Only three players are staying from last season: Famoussa Kanouté, Javi Sánchez and Diego Villares. The rest of the squad was built with 14 players that have passed through Juvenil A, plus 5 signings and three lads from Juvenil A that will have minutes on the season (Peke, Juan Rodríguez & Guille Bueno).

The current squad of Fabril:
Goalkeepers: Pablo Brea (1) & Alberto Sánchez (13)
Defenders: Íñigo Reinoso (3), Alejandro Boedo (11), Miguel Ángel Prendes (16), Juan Rodríguez (-), David Suárez (4), Álvaro Yuste (22), Iván Guerrero (5), Guille Bueno & Israel Pérez (2)
Midfielders: Álex Barba (14), Víctor Guedes (21), Famoussa Kanouté (6), Álex Pérez (20), Jorge Sarmiento (19), Diego Villares (10), Javier Sanmartín (15), Javi Sánchez (7), Rayco Rodríguez (17) & Raúl Pescador (12).
Attackers: Manu Mosquera (8), Yeremay Hernández 'Peke' (-), Adrián Castro (9) & Juan Cambón (18)



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