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18 Oct 2020
Depor’s coach knows that his team is forced to win and clinch the promotion, while the coach of Salamanca is dreaming with ending among the first three places.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Sunday. He confirmed that the 4-4-2 is the base system for this season, and also talked of the state of his players. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Pre-season doubts: “I hope we do things better, but a pre-season is a pre-season, it's a part of training. But it won't be easy because the team needs matches to get fitness. I hope that we will pick up the competitive pace and demonstrate the superiority that we must demonstrate. From the pre-season I hope to maintain the structure of the 4-4-2 scheme, although I still think about it.”

Depor is the favorite: “We have assumed the role of favorite. It’s inevitable and doesn’t depend on us, but that is how they will see us. I don’t consider myself better than anyone, you have to be humble. The players must realize that they are from Segunda B. If we think that we are better, superior… then we are making a mistake.”

Public at the stands: “For me it’s vital. One positive thing is that we were relegated to Segunda B and there is no social fracture. This is very important. There will be a bit of public, because we are 20,000, but some heat will be seen. I hope to win the first five games and reach 30,000 socios, that would be impressive. We lack a little contact with the stadium, because there are many new players, it’s important to get used to the place where you are going to play "

Anxiety to start: “There is a bit of anxiety to know where we are and how we are going to compete. A little nervous, yes. We don't really know our level or the one of our rivals.”

Do you have doubts for the game? “The biggest doubt is the choice of footballers. I have some variants and the starting eleven is my main question. Up front Rui Costa doesn’t have many options to play, because he has just come out of injury. I have three forwards and there may be some variation from the 4-4-2, I'm thinking about it.”

Competition system: “It’s a new and different system that doesn’t allow relaxation. You have to win once, then again and again. Losing games is complicated, because you drag the result. That’s an inequality with respect to other teams in another competition. For us it is also important how the Asturian subgroup is doing. I don't know the head that invented it.”

Salamanca: “It’s the first rival and we have the obligation to win all the games, although I know it’s impossible. It’s important, for everyone, to start winning with points and confidence. I have information and I think it is a good team, but it’s difficult to say how it is now. They have a very good coach and players of a good level.”

The state of Uche Agbo: “He comes from a long injury. He started training in pain and only played 30 minutes against Valladolid. He is just in preparation and he’s a player who finds it a bit difficult to get into shape, we saw this last season.”.

His suspension: “I'm pissed off. I was already pissed when they sanctioned me, and I continue to do so. I expected an amnesty by the president of the Federation upon being reelected, but it seems that there were legal problems. I have to be at the stands, but I will be close to the bench. The other day I saw a Primera coach at the stands giving orders and nothing happened.”

What’s happening with Diego Rolan? “It's hard to know when I will have him. I don’t know how long he will have to be in Uruguay and if he has to pass quarantine upon arrival from Spain. It would be a week and then start the paperwork. At least I think he will be two weeks there.”

Sergio Egea addressed the media on Friday. The Mexican coach talked of the debut of Salamanca CF and also said that the goal of his team is to end among the first three places. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Deportivo and Salamanca: “Deportivo is an historic club, but in any football game both sides have the same opportunities. We are also a team with a long history. Salamanca is great and we are going to compete with a tactical system where we have our defensive reserves, but without stop looking at the rival’s goal. We respect Deportivo, but we also have the conditions to compete against anyone.”

Testing a system with three centre-backs during the sessions: “We don’t know if we will come out with three, with four or with five defenders. It isn’t yet defined. Tomorrow will be the last day to define the game and see the people. There are some lads with issues and tomorrow we will define the system that we will use at the Riazor.”

What to fear from Deportivo: “What interests me is us. What performance can we have, how we face the game... We must be a leading team and have high self-esteem. The players must know that they are good footballers, that they have worked very well in the pre-season and later show it. The week has been very good, now it's time for the real games. We are visiting a historic field, one of many years at Primera. They have a great squad, but we are prepared to compete. There is respect for everyone, but we must think more about ourselves and have a winning identity and mentality.”

Is it better to face Depor now rather than late on the season? "You never know. It’s often said that it is better to catch the big guys at the beginning. It depends on how we meet on Sunday. I always say that we must have a very important identity. You have to know the ‘ABC’ of the rival, where they can unbalance you, but then you have to try to do things well, regardless of the rival. If you do everything you worked for in the week, if you are also focused, and if you have a winning mentality, then we will be a team like the one we want. We work to be protagonists, not to participate. I am not interested in participating. I'm just looking for a winning team. And with this squad what we need to be is like that. During the week we work on very interesting things and now we must transfer it to the official matches.”

Is the goal to end among the first three places? “Without doubt. With this team that we have, the lads must compete very well.”

Playing in the middle of a pandemic: “We are ready and looking forward to start the league. It has taken a long time. This pandemic is being so cruel that we didn’t know if we were going to start. But now it’s the time, we are taking great care of ourselves, with social distancing. Medically we are very well.”

His story with Deportivo: “I was on trial at Deportivo with García-Verdugo as coach (1980’s). The tests are difficult, because they are watching you from all sides. But they treated me very well. I didn’t know Spain, at first, I arrived at Las Palmas and from there I went to A Coruña. I loved the city and the people. I was on trial for two months and they decided that I didn’t have what they wanted from a foreigner, because you could only have three. The three seats were chosen with great severity and I didn’t pass the cut. From there I went to Alicante, but I had a very nice experience in Galicia.” 




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