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20 Oct 2020
Novelties for Fernando Vázquez with the modifications and the tactic for the game. The victory was possible as the rival dropped its defensive tactic, while Beauvue is finally scoring goals.

1- The system was a 4-5-1: It was something that was tested within the last two training sessions, but still was a surprise to see coach Fernando Vázquez switching from a 4-4-2 into a 4-5-1. It was surprising as the 4-4-2 was what the coach trained during the pre-season and what was used in the friendly games. Nacho González was acting as a playmaker and the draw wasn’t a 4-2-3-1 because both Álex and Borges were playing at the same height than the Uruguayan. Actually, that was one of the problems in the game, because at times they were interfering with each other, something that hurried Nacho González to end the plays before time.

2- The key: Salamanca lasted 70 minutes: It was one of the conclusions of the pre-season: Deportivo aren’t ready to face a rival capable of keeping a tactic throughout a match. Salamanca CF were obstructing the passing lanes, neither put a high pressure nor were violent, but it was enough to stop a Deportivo that were off after the first 15 minutes. What happened next is that the visiting team left this tactic after the equalizer and was just locked inside their area, it could have been because they lost the concentration or simply because they were tired.

And that’s exactly what suits this Deportivo, because with the passing lanes wide open, it is just a matter of finding a crack or establish a numeric superiority, something that was possible with Bóveda and Salva Ruiz/Mujaid joining the attacks. It was what happened in the 5-0 win over CSD Arzúa in the pre-season, now Deportivo lasted in finding the goal, because it was too hurried and instead of drilling a pass, it was releasing a cross. The goal arrived at the last second and the play clearly explains what was happening. Salamanca CF had their eleven men inside their area and was only a matter of finding a free partner to attempt on goal.

3- The modifications of Fernando Vázquez: The changes made by the coach were strange. Osede entered the field and Bóveda moved himself to the left, while instead of allowing the debut of Adri Castro he preferred to attach Iago Gandoy to the left wing. Both men aren’t used to play there and it was strange to see the coach choosing this solution when he had other more natural movements. The modification that worked really well was the entry of Borja Galán, who revitalized an attacking line that was getting exhausted.

4- Claudio Beauvue: Beauvue can turn to be the “killer “of Deportivo. His arrival on last season was frustrating, he seems enthusiastic and close to the public, but was always injured when his opportunity was arriving, but lately he has been scoring goals. Just to have in mind that he has scored three of the last four goals of Depor in official games, and also scored twice in the most difficult game on the pre-season (at Pontevedra CF).

5- A doubting goalkeeper: Deportivo are coming from nightmare seasons in which the goalkeepers were terrible, Dani Giménez landed for the last two seasons at Segunda, but he didn’t clear the ghosts. Now the club has signed two new goalies, but the problems continue. Carlos Abad made a good save against the free-kick of Mora (66’), but in the next play he had a big failure that cost the equalizer. And the other goalkeeper, Lucho García, also had a big failure in the last friendly game on the pre-season that cost a goal. 

6- Boisterous crowd: If Deportivo have an advantage at Segunda B is their large crowd and imposing stadium, but it was feared that the pandemic might erase this advantage. For this game only 10% of the total capacity was allowed to watch the game, but the true is that it was still imposing. Even Fernando Vázquez stated that he doesn’t know if they would have won the game if it was it for the boisterous crowd.



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