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20 Oct 2020
The coach and the players are conscious that Depor need to improve a lot, but they wanted to celebrate the first success on the season. Salamanca’s coach was complaining of the added time.

Fernando Vázquez was confessing that the public at the Riazor was key to the victory despite only the 10% of the full capacity was allowed, "If this match would have been played without public, perhaps we wouldn’t have won the match. Those who made us win the match were these 3,000 fans who were today at the Riazor. To me, who was in a booth at the stadium, it seemed to me that the field was full. It was impressive. The first demonstration of our strength was incredible. I want to thank you with all my heart for the support you gave us today.”

At the same time, the coach was admitting that Deportivo didn’t play a good game, "It wasn’t spectacular on the part of Depor. We have to improve a lot. The team has to develop its game in a different way. We have to play a more fluid and faster football, because what the game with Salamanca tells us is the type of match that we are going to meet. We lack a better state of form in many footballers, we lack spark, electricity in almost all the players. The potential of the team is yet to be seen."

For Vázquez, the drama at the end is a boost for the players, "It seemed that we would have won a final. The team released pressure at the changing room, it was very happy, very happy. We have an extraordinary group, a group that relates perfectly between all its components. We will always have that quality: to be a fighting group. I hope it’s invulnerable."

Eneko Bóveda was the hero after scoring the winning goal, he was expressing his happiness and also described the play, "I felt a lot of joy, relief. I felt it was a very important help for the future of the team, to bring us great joy today, to continue working with a victory in the backpack, which is done with more joy and releasing some pressure."

"Since I was playing at the other side (on the left) I thought that my contribution in that type of plays was not going to be the best, because it was going to be hard to release a cross. That's why I preferred to be inside the area and wait for the ball in case something will come out. Better for Gandoy or Borja Granero to hang the ball on the left side. In sight, it was a good decision." He added.

The Basque defender was also admitting that Depor didn’t play a good game, "With great humility, knowing that we have made many mistakes; but we are not going to be ashamed, at least for me, to celebrate this victory. Neither will take us off the path of improving, demanding ourselves and being good students of our coach.”

At Salamanca CF UDS, coach Sergio Egea was feeling sorry for the added time by the referee, “I am feeling ashamed, because the effort done by the team was impressive. We were fine in defence, controlling a Deportivo that didn’t create too much harm, and at minute 97, the referee exaggerated the added time for the aid to Javi Jiménez, but this is football. The tie was good against a team like this one, but I will remain with what the players did. They gave everything. We will improve and this has just started. It’s a pity as we could have added a draw. Now to think of the next game.”  




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