09 Dec 2005
David Vidal is an ex-player of Deportivo that has also proved his abilities as a coach. Precisely, he was the trainer of C??diz during the period 1982-1990. The Galician trainer commanded the Andalucian club during three campaigns in Primera and even reached the semi-finals in Copa del Rey. Now, Vidal has analysed for newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> the performance of the two clubs that he loves.

Q: V?­ctor Esp??rrago is using almost the same lineup presented during the ascend to Primera. What can you tell us about their tactics?
A: It's a team with will, a strong character and with a good defence, it's hard to score a goal against them. On Sunday they deserved the victory against Zaragoza. It's was only a little mistake during one minute and they received two goals. But they dominated the complete game. They moved the ball faster than Zaragoza, but they lost the match. Maybe they don't have a strong possession of the ball, but when they steal it their wingers have good choices since they are very fast. If Depor miss its concentration, my friend... C??diz is also very dangerous in stationary plays.

Q: What can you tell is about the starting eleven?
A: Armando is the goalkeeper, he has good skills and is the most regular player of the team. They play with two central defenders, one is De Quintana and the other is De La Cuesta. Abraham Paz has some troubles with his renovation and he isn't playing. In the left side they have Ra??l L??pez and in the right Varela, a former player of H?©rcules. The pivote function is for the Uruguayan Fleurqu?­n and the offensive choice is Su??rez, a player that was famous in Oviedo with Antic. He's good with the ball and tries to be the brain of his team. On the right they have Enrique, a boy from Badajoz that's skilful, fast and scores a lot. In the left Sesma or (Iv??n) Ania. The striker is Pavoni, a fast Argentinean that has a good physical presence.

Q: Who's the favourite for this game?
A: I have my heart divided... a draw for me.

Q: And how do you see Depor with the new coach?
A: Good. Irureta let them do what they wanted and this man is telling the men how to play, and for me this is good. It's a more aggressive team. It's totally different to the one of Irureta and I think that the things should be in this way. A lot of good work has been made by the coach.

Q: It's seems that they are more comfortable when they give the possession of the ball.
A: That's a concept of the coach, it's fine if this Depor is more aggressive, but they must demonstrate fantasy too. They have one of the better squads in Spain, a thing made with money. For this reason they must have the ball, they have the correct players in order to do it. The coach must know this, if he says that the team must be aggressive, he should also say that his players must have possession of the ball. If we were talking about Alav?©s it will be a different case.

Q: Aren't they missing some quality players?
A: No. Valer??n is here, and then Trist??n, and then Rub?©n. There are several players that can move the ball! I also used the aggression a long time ago and it's fine to me. Barcelona put pressure when they are one meter from the rival, Real Madrid do this but when they are seven meters away.

Q: And in which level is this Deportivo performing?
A: Barcelona comes from behind, Depor plays in the defensive zone and Molina or anyone there always tries to send a long ball to the strikers. Like we did it 40-years ago. Everybody does what they believe is right. This Deportivo is very aggressive, but they don't have prepared too many offensive tactics.

Q: We agree on that...
A: Oh well... Caparr??s likes to be diplomatic, he's nervous when he has to talk (he laughs), he seems like David Vidal when he was 30 (he laughs)... but he's there. Deportivo is fine, but they must have more possession of the ball.

Q: You never came with C??diz to Riazor, but you did it with Logro?±es (2-2 draw)...
A: Bo! It was on the 1991/92 campaign. We weren't playing for anything  and I came to play against the squad of (Marco Antonio) Boronat. After that game the coach was sacked and Arsenio (Iglesias) came for him. It was during my best days with Logro?±es.

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