30 Oct 2020
Iago Gandoy conceded an interview to La OpŪniůn A CoruŮa. The midfielder talked of the feelings at Deportivo after playing two matchdays and the doubts of the fans.

 Q: Two games and the first doubts have already appeared...
A: The requirement and responsibility in this league, being Deportivo, we will always have it. The important thing about this start is that we added four points of six possible points, although perhaps the sensations have not been the best. We are starting and we are still engaging. Everything takes time and little by little we will improve.

Q: You demand time to adapt, but the pre-season was especially long this year...
A: It was long, but itís a new league and we have to adapt to it. Little by little everything will be accommodated.

Q: Does the profile of the majority of players that the club has incorporated weigh in this adaptation?
A: Itís clear that the signings that have been made and the intention of the club is in a big way. Players like Borges and Uche have come, and others who have stayed like Keko and Claudio, who have a higher level than this league. Although we are in Segunda B, the matches are decided by details and here there are also very good teams. We have that label of favorites, but we need to go little by little.

Are you forced by this favoritism?
A: Itís already forcing us, but inside the changing room we don't have pressure. We are calm despite the draw in Compostela. People have to know that we are going to draw matches and that maybe we are going to lose them. We must be calm and trust the idea that the coach transmits to us. Inside the changing room we are sure that we will go up soon.

Q: Do you notice disappointment with the impression left in the first two games?
A: Itís normal for people to think that we have to win all the matches, rampaging and 3-0, but you have to understand that it will not be like that. Even if we start as favorites, or have that label, there are going to be difficult games. Against Salamanca we won in the last minute and Compostela, who come from Tercera Division, are a good team. You have to be patient and know that itís a difficult category.

Q: What are you missing?
A: We have to improve on the offensive field. Itís clear that we donít have the automatisms to carry the weight of the game, but now itís also necessary to adapt to the artificial turf to play against Unionistas.

Q: Does playing on a synthetic pitch have so much influence?
A: It changes a lot. In this league you always tend to play some field like this. Logically it conditions and we have to get used to it. The bounce of the ball, the speed... everything is different. It influences, but it cannot be used as an excuse.

Q: Fernando VŠzquez was very active and more participatory in training, did you notice it differently this week?
A: He always transfers his passion for football to us. Heís insisting on us and is more on top of us so that we try to do what he asks of us, that idea of pressing up and close to the rivals. Maybe that's why you notice him more active, because it's costing us a bit. It has to be like that and get it with training.

Q: Why hasn't this idea been seen, Iím talking of pressuring the rival and be the protagonist?
A: The intention is to press up and that the rival doesnít play, but it isnít working at the moment. We have to work hard, to improve, so it can be seen in the games.

Q: Do you think the league has been undervalued?
A: Not inside the changing room. Veteran people know it and other younger people have also stepped on it. In Segunda B there are very good teams and players who could be in higher leagues. Due to many factors, luck, because they didnít trust them, due to injuries... they arenít at Primera or Segunda. It is very difficult. Itís true that we started from a very good and very exciting squad to try to achieve promotion, but we have to go little by little. You might think that this would be easier, but it is not.

Q: You ask for patience, but the format of the competition doesnít offer much margin...
A: It requires adding the maximum number of points in order to go to the second phase and have an important cushion. Compared to other formats, it demands more from you in terms of points. Still getting points is more important than the game.

Q: How did you experience the last minutes against Salamanca?
A: For the first league game to go out as a substitute, playing for 20 minutes, and to end giving an assist at the end and win the game... It's incredible. The feeling was incredible.

Q: Do you hope to play this week?
A: You always expect more participation, to be at the starting eleven and participate, but you have to respect the coach, who for the moment is deciding not to put me on. I have to work hard, both for me and the young people who come from below, to convince him.

Q: Do you see yourself playing as a winger?
A: My position is midfielder and I keep it. Itís where I give my best level and where I feel most comfortable, without a doubt. Fernando [VŠzquez] is using me there and I try to learn. Little by little I am connecting and if the coach decides to use me more there, well I want to participate and will play wherever he tells me to go.

Q: This summer the renewal of your contract was mixed with the whole mess of Fuenlabrada...
A: Among everything that happened it wasnít a very pleasant summer. Beyond my renewal, we were all aware of the club, of what was going to happen. My intention was always to stay here. My renewal was a bit on hold because the important thing was to know where the club was going to be. When it became known, it was only necessary to talk things over because there was always good harmony. I am happy here and I want to succeed here.



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