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10 Feb 2008
The media in La Coru?a believes that Deportivo was lucky to add a point after the terrible second half made by Lotina's squad. The papers also analysed the reasons why the new system implemented by Depor's coach didn't work in this occasion.

La Opini??n A Coru?a:  Getafe discovered the facets that Deportivo should improve with its new system and took a point from the Riazor basing its game in the control over the ball. A good football game. That's what we saw yesterday at the Riazor. Maybe it didn't have the intensity of others where the fighting is the essence of the game, but both teams tried to get the victory based on moving the ball and looking for the spaces that are generated at the rival's defence. Ninety minutes which rarely can be seen in la liga.

In this exchange of blows, Getafe showed that owns more footballers prepared for that mission. While the Galicians drowned as they were unable to use the counterattacks and didn't find the player who could unite the defensive line with the more advanced players, Laudrup's team were moving the ball until they were finding the hole in order to reach the strikers.

Unquestionably, the new system provides the solid defence that was wished at the beginning of this season. But with the players chosen for the game, especially in the centre of the pitch, the team is an orphan of a leader to channel the game. If in the days remaining to complete the tournament, Lotina don't want to live at the expense of the strategic plays, he should look into his squad for the player who can take over the creation of game.

Despite the inferiority, Lotina's players were comfortable over the grass and based their options in set-pieces and counterattacks generated after the slow attacks made by the Madrilenians. Thus came the goal. One strategy, with theatre, one that showed the infancy of Getafe's defenders. From there, it was time to play the same script developed in previous meetings.

That's what Deportivo didn't do well. Unlike to Valladolid or Betis's games, the counterattack didn't exist in the second half. Nearly all the actions during the last 45 minutes had the players of Getafe as protagonists. With this constant in the game, it was not surprising to see Laudrup's side achieving the tie. As Lotina said at the start of the week, there are still to many aspects to improve in the new system. First, to find the footballer who is capable of uniting the lines of defence and attack steadily. Arturo Pati?o.

La Voz de Galicia: An oversight, a goal of Uche, a pitcher of cold water and two less points for a Deportivo with a poor mind when the game turned to be complicated, and yesterday, Depor was sweating to maintain the tie after been tranquil during almost the entire match. The theory says that systems with a defence of five men play in a delayed position. So it was. Deportivo put itself in the cave during the first half, supported by a 5-4-1 impregnable to any opponent except for the one with high quality players, as is the case with Getafe.

The intensive withdrawal is not so safe when the players moving the ball are talented ones, and the Madrilenian squad has them. Enough to embarrass Depor. Luckily they miss the goal. There was a time when the youngsters of Real Madrid, as Granero or De la Red, were dreaming to be playing at Deportivo. Today they choose Getafe. A shame for a public with refined palate, one that saw its team struggling to use the counterattacks. Lotina said this week that his players are beyond the system, that they are the ones giving a more or less sensation of been offensive. And he was right.

The drawing of last night was the same one used against Valladolid, but Verd?? is not Guardado. It's a more positional footballer, less vertical, which subtracted depth to the team and velocity to the counterattack. The public criticised his pause and they called for an additional velocity. But it wasn't the only culprit. With the team playing so delayed, it's difficult to hook good counterattacks (too many meters). And even less if the squad is not adding troops up front. The sides didn't had the verticality of other evenings and the midfielders weren't accompanying the efforts.

What then could try Deportivo? The possibility of creating unbalance with the ball stopped, because now the real danger comes by the air. And the header of Pablo Amo, with the collaboration of Mario, is one more example of this. The defenders remain to be the heart of the system in defence and in attack. With the game going down, the public pushed for the emergence of Wilhelmsson. For his appearance, he seems to be one of those English gentlemen. For his protests to Undiano, a Latino warm-blooded, and only his name, which was shortened by Lotina as 'Willy', has Scandinavian reminiscences . But the best thing is that for Willy, the pitch has only vertical lines and the goal. He looked for the goal and left the impression to have a spot in the team, although his will was lost in the jumble that became the game after the hit of Uche. Alfonso Andrade.

AS (Madrid): Getafe took a point of Riazor that could be three. The Madrilenains were thick in the first half, later they owned the game in the second part against a Deportivo that lost midfield and that appeared to be losing its physical level. The distribution of points does not satisfy either of the two teams, but neither is unwelcome, especially after the setback at home of Murcia.

Laudrup took very little time to check what's the new plan to save Depor: three towers at the back, two bishops by the sides, two horses ahead of the defence and the other three pieces to seek some movement that will break the tables. Despite the taste that this 'Eurogeta' has for the treatment of the ball, it seemed difficult to find a hole in attack.

With these assumptions, this was a predictably plan game, assigned to a single good play or to a stationary play. While the damage done by Depor at the sides, it seems that nobody expects for Manuel Pablo and Filipe, the Madrilenians were trusting in the velocity of Alb?n, for another flash of Granero or any play from Manu. Little ammunition for such a big wall.

Against the dynamic tables in football, both teams were entrusted to the strategy. Virtually any free-kick or corner-kick received the treatment of 'occasion to score'. In the exchange of blows, Depor won, especially since Mario was wrong to try to clear a header from Pablo Amo which turned Pato just when the first half was ending. The good thing about the goal was that the 'chess school' was no longer worthy , at least for Getafe. Therefore Laudrup's side went out ambitious and looking to steal a ball near the area to prevent Lotina's wall to be organised.

The danger of been attacking was leaving spaces at the back, but Depor didn't found those spaces. The ambition or obligation, soon became harassment. Depor seemed to be losing its physical level while Manu Del Moral and De la Red were threatening Fabricio. Laudrup went for everything and he pulled for Uche. A god election, because the Nigerian, newly landed from the African Cup, took only eight minutes to connect a right-foot shot that left Fabricio nailed.

The harassment seemed to be now a demolition, specially after an error from Barragan that left three players against De Guzman, but the Canadian prodigiously broke the chance. Neither the entry of Wilhelmsson awoke a Deportivo that ended asking for the final whistle valuing a point that allows them to add three matchdays without losing. And Getafe, will travel to Athens with magnificent sensations. Luis De La Cruz.

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