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08 Nov 2020
Depor’s coach said that he is using a system with one striker because there are several attackers out of shape. Coruxo’s coach wants to see a brave team in order to get something from the Riazor.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday. He talked of the casualties in defence and explained why he is playing with only one striker. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Evolution of the players: “We are doing fine, several players were needing some extra work, so when you are improving in a personal level, then you also do it collectively.”

Borja Granero: “He has an issue on the knee. This week he was unable to train, but we will make a decision tomorrow if he is able to compete. The pain on the knee is decreasing now and he will make a test tomorrow.”

Evolution compared to the first game at home: “I will like that the first half against Coruxo could be like the second half against Salamanca. I mean an attitude that, no matter the result, the team can demonstrate more strength, energy and aggressiveness. I want to see more continuity in the game of Depor and that’s what I expect from the game against Coruxo.”

Rolán: “I don’t have information on him. I guess he is close to return, but I don’t know. I didn’t have any information if he followed the rules that we put; I will talk to him when he arrives.”

Defensive problems due to the injuries: “I don’t remember something like this in my career, to have the right-back, left-back and two centre-backs out injured. It’s something that limits a coach and the performance of the team.”

Will you recover some players after the break? “It’s clear that Salva [Ruiz] and Eneko [Bóveda] will be ready, Derik [Osede] might be available, and we will see how the issue with Borja Granero evolves. The clear thing is that both side defenders will join the team for next game.”

Stopping the games now due to the pandemic: “I don’t see as an alternative the fact of stopping now. I don’t know if to stop is the best thing for a club, if you stop now, will the players continue to be paid? It’s not clear for me. The option of ending now is not logic for me.”

Last game in your suspension, did you learn something?: “I had a lot of time to think. It coincided with important moments for Deportivo, I won’t say I am ashamed, but it was an important error. I got my conclusions and expect that it won’t happen again. I feel impotent. The team needs me and I am willing to return.”

Adri Castro: “It’s a position that Deportivo covered well during the summer, there are players that didn’t arrive in good conditions, that’s why I decided to play with one striker, and his chances will be increased as soon as the coach decides to play with two, then he will have to wait. In the meantime, I am working with him. He should wait for the debut and there’s the chance he could play with Fabril.”

Miku: “He is better each day, he works in a tremendous way, but there’s a factor that you don’t get training, because he needs to play matches. In this sense, when I consider that the presence of a second striker will give me more pros than cons, then I will do it and he will have more chances.”

Michel Alonso talked to reporters on Friday. He analyzed Deportivo and the fact of playing the game behind closed doors. For him the key is to see a brave team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The situation of Coruxo: “Well, we are in need of points, that’s the reality. With better game sensations than points and we will try to endorse them. We know that we have to make an almost perfect match in order to add points and with that intention we go there.”

Is this Depor a Super Depor in Segunda B? “Depor in Segunda B, with this squad of players, I think they are out of context of what’s usual in the league. Yes, I would say that even in this league it is a Super Depor, a super team... difficult to see players of this level in a league like this.”

Your last rival, Compostela, scratched a point against Deportivo. Has they shown you the way to surprise on Sunday? “What Compostela has shown us in the game with Depor is that this subgroup is very even and that anyone can hurt any team as it was. Compostela played a very good game and evidently taught us all things to know that you can compete against anyone.”

Is in favor to see you in a cold and empty Riazor? “I sincerely believe that we aren’t going to be able to experience the most beautiful part of facing Deportivo at the Riazor, which is to do it with the public, because surely there would be a good attendance and we won’t be able to experience all that, which would be the most beautiful part of playing at the Riazor.”

Do you sign now to get a point? “It would be necessary to see the development of the game to assess that possible tie. I think that, in order to have options of adding, you have to see a brave Coruxo that comes out in order to win and with that intention we go. From there it would be necessary to make a balance of the game rather than a balance of those supposed points, but I already said that in order to consider the chance of adding a point in Riazor, we have to first make a good game and we have to see a brave Coruxo.”  




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