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10 Nov 2020
Depor’s coach admits that his team is lacking things, including a better inner game, confidence and even time to polish those factors.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was commenting how he saw the game, “We didn’t have too many problems, because we perfectly controlled the defensive aspect, but the clear thing is that we lack pace and a little more quality during the combinations in order to create danger, more penetration to impose our weight.  In the first half we were too thick, which makes me think about how we should play from now own.”

Asked if the fact of been the leader in the group can help the team to feel more comfortable, he said that, “You can notice when we play under a lot of pressure, the team is too tense and possibly that factor of been a winning team can end up releasing them. We need to enjoy football and it seems that, sometimes, we play with a weight over us.”

The Galician coach was asked if Gandoy and Borja Galán can end up gaining a spot at the starting eleven, “Those are decisions that… I am not a coach that starts in one way and that makes changes too soon, normally I gave several games to the players, and since any game you can start thinking of making modifications.”

Then Vázquez was asked about the main shortage of Deportivo, “Time, I consider that we lack time. We need to see a happier team, a team that’s more fluid, it’s a sum of several factors.” There was a question regarding the fact that the victories of Depor have been narrow scores, “We knew we were going to suffer. I said it since the beginning, that those thinking that we were going to roll over the rivals should change their mind. We must try to win the games as it was Primera or Segunda División. We must accept that.”

Later the coach confirmed that Valín wasn’t injured when he was replaced by Borja Granero, “He was fine, what happens is that he was a little tired and was already booked. There were also some tactical aspects in the decision, but the player is fine.”

Finally, Vázquez admitted that Depor need to improve a lot in the inner game on the field, “It’s clear that, if you don’t dominate the inner game, you cannot have fluidity. It’s clear. It has been hard for us to have that freedom with the ball. It’s true.”

José Lara scored the winning goal, he was commenting the game, "The team started as it always starts, with that desire. At certain moments of the game, they had the possession, but we knew how to adjust more than in other games. At times we had the confidence to link passes between us, which is what we lacked in previous games. We grew in the game and my first goal arrived. I am very happy to have achieved it, but of course I prefer the victory."

"There were moments in the game in which they dominated, but we knew how to be organized. What we are training every day at Abegondo has been reflected today, that work in the lines that the coach is doing. We grow in each game.” The winger added. 




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