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10 Feb 2008
The visit of Fabril to the island of Fuerteventura was feared by everybody, firstly because the Galician youngsters have lost two games on the season playing in the Canary Islands, and later because P??jara Playas was undefeated in its own stadium. But Tito Ramallo's squad made a decent game and took the three points thanks to three goal scored in the precise moment. Now Depor B reaches the magic number of 45, exactly the mark established as the target to achieve the permanence.

Fabril was travelling to Fuerteventura's island knowing that two of its three defeats on the season were suffered in the Canary Islands, but Tito Ramallo was recovering the presence of Piscu after his long period in the first squad. Besides, Lassad Nouioui started for the first time in the striking zone after his impressive debut on the past week. Those were the only two changes in Ramallo's  'classic' 4-2-3-1

In P??jara Playas, coach Luis Rueda surprised with Aday and Festo in the starting squad. The first one had the mission to follow Pita in midfield, while the second player was trying to stop Iv??n Carril on the left wing. The Canarian squad was occupying the fifth place in the table and together with Fabril, they were the only two teams undefeated in their own stadiums. In fact, they have only allowed five goals after eleven games at the Benito Alonso.

The game was played during a heavy rain during the major part of the time, reason why the ball spent more time flying through the air than travelling on the ground. Both sides had difficulties to move the ball, the home side because it didn't have a player marking the way, while the visitors were having problems with the pressure put in midfield by the Canarians.  P??jara Playas was the first one that enjoyed of a chance to score. At the 2nd minute, Sa??l sent a free-kick that To?±o found in the penalty area, but his final shot was out of target, after that, it was Fabril who enjoyed of the better occasions.

But the first clear chance for the visitors occurred until the 17th minute, it was a crossed shot from Alex that went wide. Two minutes later, a free-kick taken by Guille was cleared by the barrier. This were the first two warnings for the home side, because at the 21st minute, Fabril scored its first goal. A play started by Lassad in the middle ended with Pita passing the ball back to the French striker, then Lassad entered to the penalty area and drilled the ball into the left post. It's his third goal in two games and it was also the only combinative play built by Fabril in the entire first half.

Immediately, the Canarian squad had a chance to equalise the game with a shot from Yahv?©, but the effort of the ex-Celta B player missed the post by inches (22'). The home side continued insisting, but they never found the way to surpass Depor's wall in defence. Meanwhile, Tito Ramallo's side had the chance to define the game at the 30th minute, but the mid-distance shot of Guille went out.

Half-time arrived with the advantage for the visitors, the Galicians weren't dominating the game, but neither the Canarians were creating too much troubles against Manu. The weather conditions and the pressure put by the home side were the main reasons why Ramallo's players weren't finding the ball, at least the only combination of the first half ended with the goal scored by Nassad.

For the second period, the home coach Luis Rueda decided to allow the entrance of Uvi  in order to gain the control in midfield, while Aday was moving his position to the right wing. But there was no time to see the results of this modifications, because Fabril replied with the second goal just seconds after the kick-off.

The visitors stole the ball and a sequence between Pita, Guille and Iv??n Carril was completed with a volley to the penalty area, Borja Facal was there to control the ball and beat Ram??n with a low shot to the centre. It was a tough visit for the Galicians, but Tito Ramallo's side knew exactly the precise moment when to strike the rival and was deciding the game taking advantage of its two big occasions.

Regardless the score, P??jara Playas continued insisting and Manu had to clear a complicate shot from Sa??l (49'). One minute later, Iv??n Zarandona had a new chance for the home side, but his strong shot went over the crossbar. Later, Manu saved his team once again after he intercepted a header from Ra??l Aguilar in a corner-kick (60').

Finally, the Canarians scored the deserved goal at the 71st minute, To?±o found the ball at the edge of the penalty area, then he quickly turned up and sent a precise volley that entered by the top-right corner. Three minutes later, Fabril had a new chance to define the game, but Borja missed the goal after his shot went out when the keeper Ram??n was already on the ground.

P??jara Playas was insisting, but its attacks were missing cohesion. Tito Ramallo refreshed his squad during the last ten minutes and he allowed the entrance of Sergio Benito, Hugo Garc?­a and Jos?© Arenas, precisely this last player was the one that scored the third goal. It was a free-kick taken at the edge of the penalty area when the game was ending, the shot from Arenas passed under the barrier and Ram??n only witnessed how the ball was entering by the bottom-right corner. The match ended after this play.

It's a crucial win for Fabril, firstly because now Tito Ramallo's squad has reached 45 points, exactly the mark established at the beginning of the season as the target in order to achieve the permanence. Now the team is able to define other objectives like the promotion to Segunda Divisi??n. Besides, neither Pontevedra nor Fuerteventura were able to achieve a victory, meaning that the difference with the second place has been extended to three points. The next game for Fabril will be played at Abegondo against 18th place Fuenlabrada (Saturday 17h00), the Canarian team has only achieved two away wins on this season.



P??jara Playas: Ram??n - Ra??l Ben?­tez, Festo (Uvi 46'), Alfonso, Ra??l Aguilar - Iv??n Zarandona, Aday (Leandro 83'), H?©ctor Pel??ez, Yahv?© - To?±o, Sa??l.
Deportivo B: Manu Fern??ndez - Laure, Juanan, Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu', Juachi - Alex, Pita - Borja (Sergio Benito 88'), Iv??n Carril (Jos?© Arenas 87'), Guille - Lassad (Hugo Garc?­a 83').
Goals: 0-1: (25') Lassad, 0-2: (46') Borja Facal, 1-2: (71') To?±o, 1-3: (90+3) Jos?© Arenas.
Referee: Enrique Ortiz Blanco. He showed yellow card to Ra??l Ben?­tez, Aday, Piscu and Juachi. H?©ctor was sent off (93').
Venue: Benito Alonso (200).

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