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18 Nov 2020
The Spanish federation has changed the COVID protocol, from now own any team without the minimal number of players to start a game will lose the meeting.

Important changes in the COVID protocol of the Spanish Federation (RFEF) that involves the leagues at Liga Iberdrola, Segunda División B and Tercera División. Until November 10, there wasn’t any sanction if the clubs weren’t passing the COVID tests before the games, and if a team was unable to play a game due to positive cases detected at their squads, then simply that game was postponed.

But big problems were lived despite the tournaments were only starting. Several clubs were forced to delay games and soon the RFEF realized that it will be impossible to recover all the games in the future due to the lack of dates. As example, several clubs at Segunda B already skipped two or more games after only four matchdays, while the female team of Rayo Vallecano already postponed four games after only seven matchdays at Liga Iberdola.

So, the RFEF has decided to make every club responsible for the COVID cases detected at their teams. Starting on the coming weekend, all the clubs in the competitions listed before must pass PCR tests that must be made between 72 and 48 hours before the kick-offs. The tests are paid by the RFEF with an investment of €1.6 million.

If a club doesn’t present enough players to play a game having a negative result to the test, then the game won’t be postponed, instead that team will lose the match. And if both teams are unable to present enough players, then both teams will lose the game.

 It's a new scenario that was already expected by coach Fernando Vázquez, as he stated before the game with Coruxo FC, "I have a medical team that does an extraordinary job. They bring awareness among footballers that not being infected is something that can give you points. We are all aware that we cannot make mistakes if we want to be where we want to be. The external situation of footballers after training is very important for the competition. At other times it may not have been so valuable, but at this moment, having the players intact enhances our possibilities in an extraordinary way. "



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