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22 Nov 2020
Depor’s coach doesn’t fear the pitch at Guijuelo, but also accepts that it will affect the development of the game. Guijuelo’s boss expect for a different Deportivo for been playing in artificial grass.

A novelty for Friday’s press conference with Fernando Vázquez. In past opportunities he was taking taped questions from reporters, now the press conference was still telematic, but with “live” questions from journalists, reason why it was more fluid. It coincides with Vázquez’s return into the bench after his long suspension. The coach explained why Rolan won’t play the game and also talked of the moment of his men. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Finally back at the stands: "Incredible desire to return. And God wants it will be positive for the team. The team was winning without me on the bench, but I consider it is important and I hope I will not relapse into the same situation."

Will Diego Rolan play in this game: “I consider it precipitated. The pitch is more propense to provoke an injury. I still thinking if I will pick him or not, but my thought is to leave him here training. We will see tomorrow, but my idea is to give him at least one more week.”

The break in the league: “It could have been positive, because we recovered people that were injured, and only Derik [Osede] and Valin will be out. We recover Borja Granero, Eneko and Salva [Ruiz]. So, it was positive for us. Now I don’t understand why we have to make a break, I would prefer to play now and rest before the final phase. But it is like this and I have to accept it.”

Game plan for Sunday: “The field shouldn’t be as important as someone could think, but we must have it in mind. The team is used to play in one way and I consider that any team that isn’t adapted ends suffering, because some tactical aspects disappear and the situation is more equal. The casual things can prevail and it can be a similar game we played in Salamanca against Unionistas.”

Will Depor change the style for the fact of been playing in artificial grass? “It’s a decision that I have to make. We were playing in one way, trying to steal the ball from the back and surely, we will modify some aspects, maybe we won’t start from the back. Nothing is decided yet. We can even try to start the game attempting to have the ball. We will be modifying things during the game too.”

Is time to make changes at the starting lineup? "Four games is enough volume for all the players to demonstrate everything they can give me. I'm watching, but now I do have freedom... I always have it, but I used an alibi telling me that you had to give the players confidence. I could make a move in this direction."

Deportivo is still evolving: "The team is evolving. We are trying to improve. Of course, I am not happy. I like to win, convince and that people enjoy the team. That should be clear. I think first of victory, but I also care how to win. I know that if the way of winning didn’t matter to me, then I would surely be abandoned by the vast majority of the fans. We play for the people and we have to give them some satisfaction. That is not our first objective, but my final goal is to win games and that the fans can feel proud not only for winning but also for how the team wins. We are building on a foundation where the results are quite positive. We are missing time in order to show the face that we must show within our possibilities.”

CD Guijuelo: "It’s a tactically super correct team, which dominates all the factors of football. It’s a very-well prepared team, very well trained, strong on their field. It always puts rivals in a lot of problems. It is a team in the whole sense of the word. In Segunda B there are all very well-trained coaches who put you in a lot of trouble."

Tebas criticized the city of A Coruña during the week: "He seems ethically dishonest and cheating to me. He lies knowingly that he lies. But he is like that. What are we going to do? It doesn’t seem difficult to understand what happened and to reason it between intelligent people. He is stubborn, he is denied and nervous, he exposes and sells in the media that may interest his film. There is no opposition at the moment because Deportivo wants to overcome this situation. But Mr. Tebas is demonstrating with these statements that he is blatantly lying. And whoever wants to buy buys it, and obviously the men and women of A Coruña don’t buy this message.”

Jacobo Montes addressed the media on Friday. He talked of Deportivo and how his team must improve after the most recent setbacks. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

State of the team: “Well, I think we had a good week of training. It’s true that there still a day ahead, we have trained well on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and it is the minimum that should be required of us. We think that the team plays as it trains. Above all, we see that the mistakes we have made in Santiago and Badajoz are improving. But Sunday will mark the difference.”

Motivation for the game. “All victories are worth the same, but it’s true that Deportivo is coming. You cannot always enjoy a rival who has won the league and the Copa, or even reached the Champions League semi-finals. It’s a pride for us to receive them here, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot make the impossible in order to win.”

Deportivo:“I have seen the four games they have played. It’s a very solid team at a defensive level and from midfield to forward, it is still under construction. But it has individualities that can decide matches. They start with that advantage. They don’t allow goals.”

What Deportivo are you expecting to meet? “Surely it can be affected by the surface. I don't know if they will change the system. It’s true that they are going to take fewer risks, because in the synthetic field the ball is divided longer time. The teams that visit the Municipal change their style, because they think that you can't play football. You have to plan for the two situations, because they have a lot of quality in the several players they have from midfield to forward." 




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