27 Nov 2020
Keko GontŠn conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. The winger/playmaker talked of the situation of the team regarding the good results and the criticism for the poor game displayed.

Q: Until now you have always been a starter and has played almost every minute, just what you were looking when you signed for Depor.
A: Yes of course. I came to Depor in order to play, to have continuity and to be able to demonstrate things on the field. Right now, I am getting it and I hope itís thanks to the performance.

Q: Racing Ferrol and Pontevedra on the horizon, two games to mark a positive trend against rivals from the upper part.
A: Yes, especially apart from winning, which is our idea as always, to show ourselves what we want to achieve this year. However, we all take all the matches as the one that can give you the league or promotion. We treat all the opponents the same, there is no small rival, but itís true that if you beat the teams that are supposedly at the top right now, then it means points that they are dropping.

Q: What references do you have about Racing Ferrol?
A: We have seen some of their games and we know that they are a very organized team. Here we assume they wonít make a super offensive game. On the contrary, we consider that they will come a bit to wait. Itís a strong rival, they also have quality. We donít believe that they are going to go out for everything, but to see what happens and to see what Depor does.

Q: In attack, Depor, at the moment, is quite thick and your teammates often look for you with the hope that you will invent something.
A: We have players who are very good individually, I think nobody can argue that the issue is that we do lack a bit of coordination when it comes to the plays. It has been seen in matches, for example against Coruxo. We had three or four counterattacks and we didnít finish them, or even against Unionistas there were several counterattacks in the second half and we didnít finish them, but I think itís more due to lack of coordination than lack of individual quality. On the contrary, I think the individual quality is there and abounds, but we are lacking that coordination or that understanding between us.

Q: How do you fix that? In which things you need to insist?
A: We have the basis, and it is that we get along very well between us, it isnít the typical team in which each one wants to wage war on their own and they donít talk to each other. Itís the opposite. Here we have a very good atmosphere, we love each other a lot, we appreciate each other, and we want the best, we want the common good for the whole team. I think that's the first thing. Then time. Itís true that almost all of us are new and we had not coincided together. And aside, work. The problem we have this year is that there is no time. It isnít about saying: "I can be four games..." Here we have to win from the beginning, it is what we demand of ourselves and itís demanded of us, and sometimes that anxiety is penalizing us a bit. The games have been equal, and we are lacking that tranquility due to our own demands, that we know that we have to win and that nothing else is worth it.

Q: Eleven points out of fifteen is a positive balance, but people ask for more football.
A: Yes. What supports us and is in our favor are the numbers. We have conceded a goal in five games, we havenít lost, we have eleven points out of fifteen. We all want to be fifteen out of fifteen and for the team to win 3-0 every Sunday. Right now I think itís an unreality and, obviously, we want to have good feelings on the field, that we are a much more balanced team, a team that knows what to do continuously and that it will not suffer, but thatís the reality that we have right now, and what you have to appreciate is that the team is getting the games out, little by little, while improving their game. I don't think we can judge the team's game based on the game displayed in Guijuelo, because it's a totally unreal game. The artificial grass and the small pitches are over, and I believe that now we will begin to see a better or more worked Deportivo.

Q: Will the team patiently reach that cruising speed?
A: I cannot assure you, but I donít see that patience in any sense, neither at the level of the press nor at the level of the fans, nor at the internal level, that we are the first to finish the games and we are a little, I will not say the word overwhelmed, but uncomfortable with the feelings of the matches. So, patience right now is not a thing thatís reigning in the Deportivoís environment, neither inside nor outside. Maybe it would be the ideal thing. but this year we are all playing a lot and what matters is winning, not the ideals.

Q: Miku is out in attack and you are doubtful, how are you seeing Rolan in the face of his possible debut?
A: Good. I physically see Diego Rolan well. He is really looking forward to it. I already knew him from when we played together in Malaga. He is a footballer who can be decisive. If the coach considers it, he will put him in the game, thatís his decision, but in the day to day he is one more player.

Q: Will you be ready for the game?
A: Right now, I am doubtful. I can't say what will happen but what I'm trying to do is to take care of myself as much as possible to be ready for Sunday.



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