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01 Dec 2020
A Deportivo that remains without conceding goals offered a good first half, but later returned to the same monotonous game during the second part.

1- Black or white? There are no mid-level reviews with this season’s Deportivo. You love it or hate it. And particularly in this game the first half was to love the team and the second to hate it. In the first half the team combined, had long ball possession and was solid in defence, the only problem is that it only created a couple of goal of opportunities. But the picture was different in the second part, without suffering, the local team gave the initiative to Racing Ferrol. It was too compliant and the game became tedious. And only recovered part of that game when the coach decided to introduce Yago Gandoy.

2- Why the 4-4-2 worked this time: Second game with Deportivo using a 4-4-2 system, this time it worked because it created a diamond figure at midfield, with Nacho González and Borja Galán exchanging positions on the wings, while Beauvue and Rolan were constantly combining (two chances created only in the first ten minutes).  That’s why the team left the impression of been more dynamic than in previous games. Strangely, the coach said that he switched the tactic because he felt that Depor were no longer in control of the game.

3- The changes by the coach: Once again the changes made by Fernando Vázquez are on the spotlight. Like it happened against CD Guijuelo, he decided to change the initial 4-4-2 because he felt that Depor weren’t in control of the game. The true is that Depor were worse when the system was switched into a 5-4-1. Also, the coach made the first two substitutions with only four minutes of difference, which meant to use two windows when he could have saved one making two changes at the same time. Luckily the team didn’t need an extra modification. Despite the negative things relegated to the changes, the entry of Iago Gandoy was a success for the coach as it helped to secure the victory.

4- A factor called Iago Gandoy: There was a big difference between the Deportivo that started the second half and the one that was playing with Iago Gandoy on the pitch. The entry of the ex-Fabril for Nacho González helped Deportivo to have longer ball possessions, which was the perfect countertactic for a Racing Ferrol that was accumulating offensive players on the pitch.

5- Promising debut for Diego Rolan: The story of Diego Rolan is surely one of many weird stories attached to Deportivo. He was close to be another Sylvain Wiltord case, and suddenly has turned to be the best striker at Depor’s squad. The Frenchman was signed in 2017 and had to wait three years to officially debut with the team. He was “too good” to be playing at Segunda, but turns out that he is now performing at Segunda B. And in ten minutes he demonstrated more things that other attackers at the team, including scoring a goal.

6- The penalty calls: Racing Ferrol protested that the referee had two criterions judging the penalty of Yeferson Quintana and later the arm of Mujaid. The truth is that the rule is clear: it all depends in the natural or not natural position of the arm. In the play inside Racing Ferrol’s area, the arm of Quintana is a not natural position as the arms are extended in direction of the back, while the arm of Mujaid was in the natural position towards the knee. As simple as that.

7- Five consecutive clean sheets: Deportivo have spent 475 minutes without allowing a goal, after the goal in the opening game against Salamanca CF, the Galicians have chained five clean sheets. Only three clubs have only conceded one goal in the whole Segunda B: Deportivo, Racing Santander (group 2A) and UD Ibiza-Eivissa (group 3B).




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