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01 Dec 2020
Depor’s coach admitted that the team needs to improve a lot in offense, but at the same time, he and Borges admitted that the team is improving. Racing’s coach was complaining of the referee.

Coach Fernando Vázquez admitted that, despite the result, he wasn’t content with the performance of the team, "We are happy with the result, but we continue to have a fluidity deficit, to create more options, more possibilities. Today we tried a different way at the beginning. It seemed that it could work; but after half an hour I decided to change again, because I didn’t feel that we were in control of the game. Defensively we don't concede, but I have to make the team more dangerous offensively.”

Later the Galician coached explained the tactic, “We played a 4-4-2 today, which included a rhombus. It’s a game system that gives a lot of passing capacity. We had the ball, but we didn’t have depth. In the first half we had the ball more time in the opposite field, but I consider that it is still insufficient.”

About the reason why he switched to a system with three centre-backs, he explained that, “I have a feeling and I act, I am looking, I observe and I have sensations. That is why I act. I always want to improve the team, not only that it isn’t vulnerable, but also that it gives it possibilities to play more relaxed. That’s what I was looking for when I put Alex in, it was the idea. I always look for the team to have the ball safely, with depth. When you play closed with a diamond figure, it may lack spaciousness on the outside, and that is what I looked for. I wanted a mirror with the rival so they wouldn't hurt me. The team felt stronger, but perhaps our weak point is what to do offensively. We are working on that.”

Asked for the performance by Rolan, the answer was, “Of course, when his performance goes up, he will be a different player and he will make a difference. So, I gave him minutes, about 70 this time. I had a change window and I waited a bit, maybe too long. But I am happy and little by little he will be better.”

Finally, Vázquez explained why Adri Castro didn’t play in the game, “He is in a waiting situation. When I consider that the moment is right… today there were options, because my idea was to play with two strikers. I was left with a single striker and there was no possibility to see him, we have to wait for the moment. I don't know when it's going to be. He could not play for Fabril, but I considered that he was eligible for me because I could have needed him.”

Celso Borges tried to see the bright side from the victory, “We were better than other games. This time we managed to control the actions except for the last minutes, but it’s normal when you are defending a result. Many people are pressing, we suffer a little, but I’m very proud of the attitude of the team.”

“In the first part we gather more around the ball at different heights; and that would allow us to move forward, to break the lines by driving or passing. From there we were able to elaborate the game a little more. Afterwards it’s normal than in some actions they push you into your area, they all put you there and you have to defend a little. There is no shame in defending a result.” The midfielder added.

At Racing Ferrol, Emilio Larraz explained what failed at his team, "Throughout the game we have lacked being able to connect in the last third of the field. In our zone, we have done well. But then we have lacked the knowledge to unbalance in that last part of the field, the way to find situations in which we could win their backs, we didn’t have individual moves to create a situation of imbalance. So, we have lacked the ability to harm them, although it’s true that you play against a team that’s very solvent defensively."

He was also complaining for not been awarded with a penalty in the action of Mujaid, “Nobody has stepped into the rival area with danger, but we have had more approaches and have been in control of the game; the only difference is that one hand in our area was a penalty and one in their area wasn’t.” 





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